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We use intelligent automation and expert support to help ambitious companies like yours onboard and retain the best people - wherever they do their best work.

With Omnipresent, you’ll get access to:

  • Compliant employment for remote teams in 160 countries
  • Seamless worldwide onboarding, payroll, and benefits
  • Real-time, localized support from a team of international experts.
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Omnipresent Review from a first time EOR user!

Omnipresent only offer an employee model (vs contractors and employees) which won us over because it means that we're more inclined to be compliant in the countries we engage with. Their OmniAtlas and consultant driven partnership has enabled us to make practical and sensible decisions for our global expansion into countries we have no expectation of opening an entity within.

They don't want to replace a HRIS, and one of the very few (if not only) that currently integrates with a HRIS like HiBob.

Lauren M.
Head of People Experience

Safe, secure global remote hiring

Omnipresent has given us a fairly hassle free way to employ team members around the world - around Europe, as well as across Asia and Oceania. We have a global remote team, and it's a lot of work to understand all local employment regulations in the countries we work in - Omnipresent removes that hassle. It's expensive, but we feel the reduction in administration and the reassurance that our team are properly employed easily outweighs the cost.

Phil MacDonald

I recently completed a "new hire"…

I recently completed a "new hire" onboarding which was coordinated by Omnipresent, bridging the gap between my french company and myself being established in Portugal. The process was as smooth as can be. Rachael the customer success individual assigned to me was amazing and helped me out a lot with all of the questions that came up, seeing as I've just recently moved here and had a bunch of them. 10/10, an efficient company that is super present and caring. Thanks again!

Jake from Portugal

A very reasonable choice

We use Omnipresent both as our PEO and our EOR in different locations across the globe. We have absolutely no complaints, in both instances it works well. The customer service and customer success managers answers any questions promptly, and our employees are happy. Moreover, they take care of everything, which eases a lot our administrative burden in HQ: we barely do anything else apart of paying their monthly invoice. On the other side, it can get a bit expensive if you have very few employees in different locations, as it is our case. I wish they had a better offer for companies in growth with a small but very distributed workforce.

Isabel Ros Ruiz

Omnipresent great for out of country hires

Omnipresent helps us hire incredible talent across the globe properly and easily. The platform is very simple to use and our account support team are helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We've used them to help hire talent in 5 different countries and it's gone very smoothly for us and our new employees.

Verified User

They are knowledgeable

and their response time is excellent and always willing to help. They are the Best at what they do.

Umer from Pakistan
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