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  • Compliant employment for remote teams in 150 countries.
  • Seamless worldwide onboarding, payroll and benefits.
  • Real-time support from a team of international experts.
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Join thousands of companies who are leading the way and employing remote teams all over the world.

Omnipresent makes it easy to employ, pay and support your international team.
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Employ Anywhere. Be Omnipresent.  

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Build remote and international
teams with Omnipresent

Introducing Omnipresent

We're here to help you grow your team by employing anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Employ Anywhere

Never lose out on another world class candidate. Hire any talent, anywhere with Omnipresent. We can help you employ compliantly in 150 countries.

Onboard Anytime

Onboard remote employees or teams seamlessly and efficiently. We manage all the complicated administration behind the scenes.

One Invoice for Everything

We handle all of the complexity of local taxes and cross border payments. Once you're set up, pay your entire team’s salary, taxes and benefits in a single monthly invoice.

Benefits for Everyone

Provide competitive, locally relevant benefits packages for everyone in your team, regardless of where they are based.

Platform Features

Your Global HQ on one platform

At Omnipresent, our platform makes managing remote teams, as well as ongoing admin, simple and efficient. Below are just some of the features available to you when you work with us:

One place to manage your whole remote team

Onboard, manage, and pay remote team members.

Omniplatform Mockup

One monthly invoice to cover all your remote employees

Keep your ongoing admin to a minimum by just paying one monthly invoice for payroll, taxes, social contributions and benefits for all of your remote team. Now available in your preferred currency.

Stay organised with your employee documents in one place

Manage documents, payslips, expenses, contracts and other documents in one place.

Omniplatform Mockup

Integration with over 20 popular HR systems

Streamline your onboarding process with our HRIS (Human Resources Information System) integrations. The OmniPlatform works seamlessly with 24 of the most popular HR systems, including BambooHR, Workday, and Hibob.

Our client Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say

We pride ourselves on our exceptional client service and our global employment solutions. See what our clients have to say about how Omnipresent has simplified their remote hiring needs:


When we think of Omnipresent's process, it does spark joy. Every time there's been an issue, Omnipresent has dealt with it. Long story short, the question is always going to be, "is this employee getting employed as quick as possible?" With Omnipresent, the answer is yes. I think that the process has also improved drastically, and that's from when we started, and that's only been a short while so I know that over time, things will only get better.

Mary (Beato) Monzo
Mary (Beato) Monzo
People Operations Manager at Proscia
People Operations Manager

When I was asked to provide a testimonial, I said “Absolutely!“. Simply because this platform has been life changing for me. It’s so much easier to onboard people, to expense things, and everything has been really intuitive. I can use this morning as a testament; there was a total mistake and I take full responsibility for it because I should have seen it, but Omnipresent were able to have such a quick turnaround time in understanding that it needed to be corrected. Omnipresent are very easy to work with, and I love the platform. It makes hiring growth so much easier.

During the evaluation phase, all we did was bake off their proposal against several competitors, and it spoke for itself. Since choosing them, they have delivered on their promises 100%.

I experienced a transparent, efficient and integrated process with Omnipresent. From an employer perspective the whole experience felt seamless, a modern version of what Employer of Records (EORs) used to be. Omnipresent is re-inventing how EORs work in a digital era.

Omnipresent was able to quickly onboard Cube's Engineering employee in Canada. Cube was grateful that it could rely on Omnipresent to handle compliance, Canada's complex payroll system as well as other administrative tasks.

Without Omnipresent we wouldn’t have been able to grow our team at the pace we did and in the locations we wanted. Omnipresent has the geographic reach, legal expertise and local knowledge that we desperately needed when it came to hiring our new found talent in several different countries.

Omnipresent has been an invaluable part of Supercede's growth journey allowing us to focus on finding the best talent for our business regardless of location. Managing our rapidly growing global team in one place is a life-saver!

Employ Anywhere with Omnipresent

Omnipresent makes it quick, simple and easy to employ remote teams anywhere in the world. From onboarding, to payroll and legal compliance, we take care of all your employment needs. Operating with an international team is messy business, so let us handle it! Find out more about why Omnipresent can help your business grow.

Speed of onboarding

Found the perfect hire? Don't waste time onboarding them to your team. Depending on the jurisdiction, we can get you set up in as little as 2 weeks.

Save time and costs

Setting up and running subsidiaries is time-consuming and costly. We operate in over 150 countries so we're ready to go when you are!

Global reach

Attract top talent from anywhere on the planet. Don’t miss out on your pick of the best candidates. Hire worldwide easily and instantly.

Legal and compliance

Don’t risk being non-compliant with local employment, social insurance and tax regulations. Our team of experts will manage this for you.

Reduce management overhead

Our OmniPlatform allows you to manage employee details, expenses, holidays, payslips and more, all in one place.

Look after your team

Create locally relevant benefits packages for your team regardless of where they are based.

Q & A

Overheard at Omnipresent

We pride ourselves in our deep local knowledge and we like sharing some of the questions and answers we overhear in our day to day with clients. If you have any local employment questions, please get in touch.

1. Employer Question

What do I need to know about employing in Brazil?

Omnipresent Answer

Brazil is different in many ways:

  • Highest social costs in the world (up to 83% depending on the nature of work)
  • Food vouchers and meal tickets are common and often mandated by law
  • 13th month salary + Christmas bonus
  • The NISS (National Institute of Social Security) - pension system and social security regulations
  • FGTS - Brazil has a special fund designed for employment assistance in certain situations and severance


2. Employer Question

Are there any benefits in France that we are required to provide as employers, such as pensions, benefits, healthcare, insurance? Are these calculated within the employer contributions or is it customary to include other types of benefits as well? Can Omnipresent help us set this up?

Omnipresent Answer

Omnipresent can help set up all local benefits and social contributions for your remote French employees. The ~40% employer contributions will cover all standard benefits including pension, healthcare, unemployment, etc. and is considered customary in France - nothing additional will be needed.

3. EmployeR Question

One of the prospective remote employees we are hiring has asked how how we could support a part-time work arrangement where he would spend 75% time with us and 25% time for another employer. At a high level, how do we agree this and do you see any issue with that?

Omnipresent Answer

Effectively it would be a part time fixed hours role so we do not see an issue with this. However, it is important that you agree on responsibilities and hours worked so that we can help you draft a compliant employment contract based on a part-time role.

4. Employer Question

Can we impose any post-termination restrictions on an employee through our local contract, e.g. terminating his contract to work for a competitor?

Omnipresent Answer

Yes, but terms would need to be very specific and also include that the employee may request an exemption in writing after his contract ends with current employment.

We suggest to sign a separate and short agreement on these terms.

5. Client Question

Protecting and fully owning our Intellectual Property is critical to us. We are concerned that using EOR may impact this, or effect the countries where we can hire people.

Omnipresent Answer

We fully understand this and share your concerns. EOR will not impact you owning your IP, it may simply mean the process looks a little different. In countries where it is legally possible, we can set up IP side agreements directly between you and the employee to keep this simple. In certain countries, the IP ownership will need to pass through Omnipresent first. In these cases, our commercial legal terms provide that ownership will then automatically and immediately transfer directly to you from Omnipresent. We aim to keep this as simple and effective as possible.

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Want to onboard an international employee today? Call us.

Join thousands of companies who are leading the way and employing remote teams all over the world.

Omnipresent makes it easy to employ, pay and support your international team.
Book a call with us to start building your global team today.

Employ Anywhere. Be Omnipresent.  

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