Mergers & Acquisitions

Fast-Track Your Global Deals

Omnipresent’s global employment solution built and managed by experts, lets you close a cross-border M&A deals quickly and compliantly.

Serving thousands of employees worldwide, one company at a time.

The complexities of global mergers & acquisitions

Each international M&A deal comes with its own set of distinct challenges. Leveraging our expertise and capabilities, we ensure that you can successfully navigate through them all.

Compliance hurdles

HR due diligence is an essential part of ensuring a compliant acquisition. This may include ensuring proper employee classification to mitigate both risk for the acquiree or ensure a better deal for the target firm.

Poor employee retention

Ensuring high retention rates and best structural synergy post M&A deal is important for the businesses future success. Our expert led support enables you to navigate this process with transparency, speed and ultimate success.

Transferable liabilities

Our global HR experts help guide you through the local liabilities that you may acquire. For example, where employee entitlements and benefits have to meet or exceed their previous employment terms.

Where Omnipresent plays a vital role in your deal process:

A better approach to due diligence

Discover how Omnipresent plays a crucial role during and post M&A deal. We put our best foot forward by providing you access to global experts in human resources, finance, tax and legal counsel, as well as business strategy and development to help you realise success.

Due Diligence
Planning & Preparation
Negotiation & Closing
Realising Synergies
Measuring Results

Soundtraps Successful M&A from Spotify

“They went above and beyond to ensure payroll and benefits were seamlessly set up in all countries”

In under three weeks, the Omnipresent team worked quickly to review existing employment contracts with Spotify, consult on key labour laws in relevant countries, harmonise benefits and prepare new employment contracts for review.

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Olle Råghall
COO, Soundtrap

Lower acquisition costs.

Ensure compliance.

Close deals faster.

Ensure a better deal

Our team of experts help both target & acquiring companies to conduct full HR due diligence.

For acquiring companies, we identify the employee-related risks that could compromise post-deal synergies. such as inheriting entities and employees in new markets.

We help target firms to identify legal and financial risks that may be uncovered by an acquiring company.

Ensure compliance

Simplify your due diligence with Omnipresent.

Whether it’s drawing up employment contracts, or transferring statutory benefits, we’re here to help you stay compliant with local labour laws.

Retain acquired hires

Omnipresent’s global employment platform makes it easier to seamlessly onboard your new team members and ensures you improve staff retention in the long-term.


Easily scale your global business with our powerful EOR platform

Onboard, pay and manage your remote employees backed with the support of an expert team.


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