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Discover effortless global hiring with our EOR solutions in 160+ countries. Goodbye admin burden, hello 24/7 human support. Let us handle compliance, benefits, and payroll while you focus on growth.

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What are the main benefits of utilizing an EOR solution?

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Process global payroll

Pay your global employees accurately and on time. With an EOR solution you will not have to manage payment for each employee individually which includes handling local currency, ensuring all necessary taxes, employer contributions, and paid-time-off are handled accurately. You pay your EOR provider one lump sum in your preferred currency.

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Seamlessly handle global mobility

Relocate staff quickly and compliantly. Get expert support on relocation destinations, help with salary benchmarking across countries, as well as visas, consultation, application and administrative requirements through our trusted visa services partners.

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Employee experience

Omnipresent excels in providing the best employee experience. We know it is nerve wracking to have a 3rd party employ your employees so we ensure both the employer and employee feel comfortable with local human support. Both you and your employee with have their own direct contact to answer any questions throughout the entire process.

Hire your next employee in the United States, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Over 160 Countries

An EOR can have a significant impact on your business. Ensuring you choose the right EOR partner is crucial. Here are some pointers on what to consider when choosing a global employment provider.

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Your HR Extension

  • One platform, one invoice for multiple employees across multiple countries

  • Decrease onboarding time to 
just minutes

  • Real expert support for the employer and employee

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Expansive In-House Legal Expertise

  • Ensure local contracts and regulations are processed

  • Ensured compliance when it comes to contracts, minimum wage, terminations, and other local laws

  • Avoid putting your organization at risk

  • Automatically collect any employment documents and ensure data security all in one place.

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Payroll Automation

  • Ensure on-time pay to employees

  • Payout in local currency

  • Ensure proper withholding and net payment in local currency

  • Reduce manual tasks that are prone to costly errors

We've streamlined global employment, so you can be set up in a matter of weeks!
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Commonly asked questions around EOR

What does Employer of Record (“EOR”) mean?

Currently using an EOR provider, is it hard to switch?

What else does an EOR do?


Unsure if EOR is right for you?

Discover the ideal fit for your remote employees with our EOR, VEO, and PEO solutions. Onboard, pay, and manage effortlessly, backed by our expert support.

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Elevate your global hiring with our EOR solution. Effortless compliance, expedited onboarding, and round-the-clock support in over 160 countries.


Achieve hassle-free international talent recruitment in Spain and beyond, while retaining full control over your hiring process with our VEO solution.  Strive for fair employment practices and transparency with regulators.

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Streamline HR services within the United States and the United Kingdom with our PEO solution, reducing overhead and ensuring compliance risks. Partner with us for expert guidance, efficient setup, and cost-effective employment options.

Global Hiring Navigator:

Still unsure? Use this tool to quickly identify the best solution for your global hiring needs.

Let us handle compliance, benefits, and payroll while you focus on growth
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Omnipresent takes care of payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, and administrative work and automates repetitive manual tasks, such as drafting local employment contracts, payroll calculations and filings.

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Easy onboarding process

Onboarding process is clear and very simple to go through. Awesome all around no struggles The staff is really nice and responded to my questions incredibly fast. I was never left in the dark not knowing what the next step was.

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Straightforward and user friendly onboarding experience.

The onboarding team is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The web portal is intuitive and straightforward.

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 Catherine M
Catherine M

During the evaluation phase, all we did was bake off their proposal against several competitors, and it spoke for itself. Since choosing them, they have delivered on their promises 100%.

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Daniel Aisen
Daniel Aisen

Omnipresent was able to quickly onboard Cube's Engineering employee in Canada. Cube was grateful that it could rely on Omnipresent to handle compliance, Canada's complex payroll system as well as other administrative tasks.

Cube Software
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Josh Holat
Josh Holat

Omnipresent has been an invaluable part of Supercede's growth journey allowing us to focus on finding the best talent for our business regardless of location. Managing our rapidly growing global team in one place is a life-saver!

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Jerad Leigh
Jerad Leigh

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