Global Benefits & Healthcare

To attract and retain the best talent from around the globe, you need to offer a competitive benefits package, but this can be tricky to manage internationally.

Luckily Omnipresent’s global benefits management solution makes it easy to provide your global team with the applicable benefits they’re entitled to, as well as some of the extras they deserve.

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What are Global Benefits?

Employee benefits are goods and services that are additional to salary or wages and bring value to the employee and/or their family. ‘Global benefits’ simply refers to providing benefits for teams that are distributed across multiple countries. 

Some examples of global benefits are:

  • Retirement benefits
  • Healthcare and other health benefits (dental, vision, etc.)
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Medical, disability, and life insurance
  • Family leave
  • Meal vouchers
  • Fitness and wellbeing programs
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Omnipresent Global Benefits Service

When you choose Omnipresent as your global employment provider, we take care of all your international benefit requirements, from statutory benefits to supplementary perks. Our team of international benefits specialists is on hand to advise and support you in creating a comprehensive and compliant benefits package to support your international employment strategy.

Competitive Benefits

Offering statutory benefits is the bare minimum you should be offering your global teams. Unfortunately, that alone won’t help you to attract and retain top talent. That’s why Omnipresent enables you to provide market-competitive benefits packages that go above and beyond the basics. From life insurance to private healthcare, meal cards to private retirement funds, creating a competitive benefits package is key to delighting your team members and supporting their individual needs.

International Healthcare Benefits

When hiring global talent, it’s essential to understand how your team members can access health services, as healthcare provisions differ from country to country. While some jurisdictions offer “free at the point of use” healthcare, others do not. Omnipresent’s global benefits solution ensures that all necessary social security contributions are paid so your colleagues can access state-provided healthcare where available. We can also support you in providing other global healthcare benefits like private health insurance, dental, vision, and wellbeing.

Retirement, Insurance, Wellness & More

Providing security for your colleagues and their futures can take many forms, but contributing to pensions, life insurance, and wellness programs is an essential part of fostering a culture of care. At Omnipresent, we can help you set up all of these employee insurance benefits and more, so you can easily prioritize your team’s long-term well-being.

Family Leave & Time Off

The OmniPlatform offers a simple leave management solution so your colleagues can log paid and unpaid time off with ease. With expert local advice on statutory and customary leave requirements, like maternity, family, and sick leave, you’ll be well equipped to manage your team members’ time off throughout the employee lifecycle. If you need to offboard an individual, we’ll calculate and pay out accrued leave within their final payroll where applicable.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

In some jurisdictions, taking out workers’ compensation is mandatory. This protects both the employer and the employee should the employee get injured during work. Omnipresent ensures that workers' compensation insurance is taken out where applicable.

Remote Work Equipment

Equipping your remote teams with the right tools is essential for productivity, performance, and engagement. Get in touch with us for remote equipment recommendations to help you onboard new hires quickly and compliantly.


Whether your teams are traveling for business, buying home office equipment, or booking a special training course, the OmniPlatform makes filing expenses hassle-free. Your colleagues simply submit their work-related expenses through the platform, and we’ll automatically send the request on to their manager for approval. For extra simplicity, all approved expenses will be included in your consolidated Omnipresent invoice.

Benefits Packages

Your business culture is important, so your benefits package should be, too. Further details about international benefit packages can be provided on request. Please contact our team for more details.

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How Do Benefits Work for Your International Team?

Without specialist support, providing compliant benefits for your global team can be complex. 

Navigating local employment laws and the logistics of administering benefits in multiple countries and jurisdictions is time-consuming and costly. What’s more, failure to provide benefits compliantly can incur fines or legal action, and offering a benefits package that’s subpar can hinder your recruitment and retention efforts.

Thankfully, there's a simpler way to provide global employee benefits on a country-by-country basis, and that’s by partnering with a global Employer of Record (EOR) or Professional Employment Organization (PEO)

EOR services like Omnipresent offer a streamlined and hassle-free management solution for global teams by employing talent on your behalf and offering specialist, localized support.

Advantages of Global Benefits & Healthcare

Managing benefits for a global team can be complicated - just some of the things you need to consider are taxation, local nationals, and globally mobile employees. But if you get it right, your business and team will reap the rewards.

  • Attract top talent from around the globe
  • Retain and nurture high-performing employees
  • Create a culture of care and well-being
  • Incentivize quality work and productivity
  • Align company values with reward
  • Remain compliant with local laws and regulations

Thankfully, Omnipresent’s employee benefits packages can help you make the most of the advantages of offering global benefits and healthcare without the hassle of managing them by yourself.

Global Benefits Best Practices

To fuel productivity and well-being and comply with local employment laws and regulations, you should understand the best practices for providing global employee benefits.

  1. Evaluate your current company culture and values, ensuring they’re inclusive and appropriate for a global team.
  2. Develop a global benefits strategy or program, taking into account your budget, company values, and long-term business goals. 
  3. Ask your team members what benefits they would like to receive and any feedback on the benefits currently available.
  4. List the main benefits you want to provide for all team members, as well as some of the perks you’d like to offer in the future.
  5. Find trusted partners to help with benefit design, implementation, and ongoing administration.
  6. When hiring new talent, research the statutory and customary benefits applicable to their countries or jurisdiction of residence, and ensure you offer these compliantly. 
  7. Communicate available benefits with your team members and ensure they know how to access them at will.
  8. Partner with an EOR like Omnipresent to make international hiring and global benefits simpler and compliant.

Managing Global Benefits with Omnipresent

Omnipresent’s complete global employment solution can help you hire and pay remote talent in over 150 countries with ease, covering the whole employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding. We also provide choices on comprehensive, compliant, and competitive benefits packages for your global team. With local benefits experts on hand, we can give you all the support you need to provide benefits that align with your company culture and values.

Book a free consultation with our friendly team to discuss your unique global employment and benefits needs.