Contractor Conversion

Correctly Classify Your Global Talent

Omnipresent’s global employment solutions make it easy to switch your contractors to employees, secure your talent & lower your risk.

Serving thousands of employees worldwide, one company at a time.

How Omnipresent supports you

Contractors are a great interim solution for global companies.  However, as your business scales, so does any and all employment-related risk. Omnipresent helps you quickly convert contractors without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

Comply with local labour laws

You don’t need to be an expert on local laws. Our team of lawyers, benefit and payroll experts ensure your employees stay compliant.

Retain your top talent

We enable you to secure talent by offering them competitive supplemental benefits packages tailored to their local expectations.

Manage all your staff in one place

OmniPlatform gives you one place to manage your full time employees and contractors compliantly from onboarding to payroll.

Why convert contractors?

Leveraging contractors can help you scale a business quickly. However, there is a point in every business's growth where converting contractors to full time employees is a crucial business decision.

Close your M&A deals faster

During an M&A HR due diligence process, you may uncover instances of contractor misclassification. We help both acquiring and target firms to mitigate risk and maximise deal value

Secure funding

Appeal to potential investors by reducing the risk of legal entanglements, fines, reputational damage and business interruptions. Also, secure your top talent to ensure future business growth.

Get ready to IPO

Companies looking to go public are under much more scrutiny by local labour authorities. Properly classifying your distributed workforce is crucial. Omnipresent reduces misclassification risk while maximising your valuation.

Employee retention

Contractors pose a challenge to ensuring business success as they are not necessarily integrated into the company. This leaves you open to risks in culture and commitment, inconsistencies in quality, loss of institutional knowledge and IP risks. Converting them to full-time employees addresses these pain points.


Easily scale your global business with our powerful EOR platform

Onboard, pay and manage your remote employees backed with the support of an expert team.


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