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We make it easy to hire, pay, and support global teams for any business.

Make Global Employment Simple With Omnipresent

A game changing approach

As a remote-first company, we understand that managing international payroll while remaining compliant is complex. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing an unprecedented number of businesses to go remote, we realised that we were in a position to provide a clear-cut and seamless approach to the problem.

A simple and complete global employment services model to employing your international talent of choice, a no-brainer decision.
Our global team of experts provide an attentive and tech-driven experience that you can trust.
Already in 160 countries and expanding, we are everywhere that you need to be and ready to go when you are.

Globally Legal & compliant

Global in scale & growing at scale

Not even a worldwide pandemic could stop us from our international expansion into 150 countries in under a year.

Rapidly expanding is our top priority so that businesses like yours, can attract the specialist talent you need to grow your team, wherever they are in the world. While expanding at such a fast rate, it is vital that we remain globally legal and compliant, and here at Omnipresent we ensure we do.

While scaling globally we also grew at scale from a single employee to a thriving omnipresent team of international experts.

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Meet the Omnipresent Team

The team

Our globally distributed, expert-led team are here to provide you with real-time support every step of the way.

Guenther Eisinger

Operations Lead

Guenther Eisinger


Vienna, Austria
Guenther served in the Austrian Special Forces leading combat units in Afghanistan, Eastern Europe and Africa. Before Omnipresent he ran his own international business, and has done substantial academic work earning him three Master's Degrees and a PhD. Over the past 20 years he gained operational expertise in over 40 countries worldwide. Guenther speaks German and English.
Austria flagUnited Kingdom flag
Matt Wilson

Commercial Lead

Matthew Wilson


London, United Kingdom
Matt is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist. Prior to founding Omnipresent, he founded and ran an enterprise software business in the pharmaceutical industry, and spent time as a software engineer and product manager. He holds a Master's degree in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics from the University of Oxford. He was named Forbes 30 under 30 in 2019. He has also lived in New Zealand for a year.
United Kingdom flagNew Zealand flag
Kate Gray

Kate Gray

VP of People

London, United Kingdom
Kate has been working in the People space with start-ups and scaleups for nearly 15 years. First in Executive Search, then a tech consultancy and venture builder, and more recently consulting to high growth people centred start-ups in London. She is passionate about building environments where employees can do their best work, without geographical or cultural limitations, and have fun doing it! She gained a degree in Physics before getting the bug of helping companies deliver their mission through their greatest asset - their people!
United Kingdom flag
Steve Davie

Steve Davie

United States
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United States flag
Erik Olsson

Erik Olsson

Vice President of Operations

Stockholm, Sweden
Erik has more than 20 years of operations and strategy experience at the executive level with a track record of leading transformation, turnarounds, rapid performance improvement, operating model development and deployment across Europe and Latin America. He is passionate about customer value, competitive strategy, people development, and results. He has lived in Sweden, El Salvador, Colombia, Spain,  Switzerland, the US and UK, and worked with a number of countries including Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, and Finland. He is fluent in Spanish, English, and Swedish. He also has double master’s degrees and worked on submarines.
Sweden flagUnited Kingdom flagSpain flagDenmark flag
Kaoru Fujita

Kaoru Fujita

Vice President of Global Sales

London, United Kingdom
Born in Japan, Kaoru has been working in start-ups for 21 years, and has led go-to-market teams in New York, San Francisco, Austin and London. While responsible for leading Omnipresent's sales team, he is grateful to work alongside ambitious founders and colleagues who consistently drive impact for our customers. He is also known to us as K.
United Kingdom flagJapan flag
Pavan Madduri

Pavan Madduri

Chief of Staff

United Kingdom
Pavan's background is in strategy and operations, having been a manager at Bain & Company prior to joining Omnipresent. At Bain, Pavan focused primarily on B2B software companies and growth strategy. His prior start-up experience includes working in product at Kiva, a peer-to-peer lending platform. Pavan grew up in California but has spent the majority of his career working internationally with businesses in Kenya, India, the U.K., and broader European markets. Pavan received his bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from UCLA and his MBA from Wharton.
United Kingdom flag
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