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We help businesses build the best teams on earth

Through intelligent automation and expert support, Omnipresent enables ambitious companies to onboard and retain the best people - wherever they do their best work.

Gone are the days of recruiting from a 40-mile radius of your office. The world of work has evolved, and now the most successful companies are thinking bigger; they’re thinking globally.

But employing people abroad can be really complex and time-consuming. You have to navigate different laws and regulations, manage multiple payroll systems, and figure out how to provide market-aligned benefits. It’s tough to do alone.

That’s why we created Omnipresent.


Taking a weight off your shoulders

Our team of experts takes care of all the associated compliance and administration for you, from onboarding to offboarding. 

We generate compliant employment contracts, process international payroll, manage localized benefits, and more - all through our user-friendly OmniPlatform.

That way, your HR team can focus on what they do best: attracting, developing, and retaining the best people.


Let us help you build the best teams on earth


We make global employment simple

A game-changing approach

As a remote-first company, we understand that managing international payroll while remaining compliant is complex. With the COVID-19 pandemic pushing an unprecedented number of businesses to go remote, we realised that we were in a position to provide a clear-cut and seamless approach to the problem.

A simple and complete global employment services model to employing your international talent of choice, a no-brainer decision.

Our global team of experts provide an attentive and tech-driven experience that you can trust.

Already in 160 countries and expanding, we are everywhere that you need to be and ready to go when you are.

Our founding story

In December 2019, our Co-Founders Matthew Wilson and Guenther Eisinger met for the first time at Entrepreneur First. And the rest, they say, is history.

They knew that global teams were the future but soon discovered just how challenging global employment can be. So Matt and Guenther set out to solve the problem. In a matter of weeks, our then-tiny team built the first iteration of our platform, and so Omnipresent was born. 

Since then, we’ve been on an extraordinary global journey, raising well over $100m in funding, hiring a distributed team of over 450 incredible people in 50+ countries - and helping businesses everywhere build the best teams on earth.


Companies do better when they think globally about talent. Ambitious organizations use Omnipresent to onboard and retain the best people – wherever they may be.

Building the best teams on earth

Through tech smarts and always-on expert support, we liberate HR directors to focus on their people.

Combining automation and human expertise


The HCM company for global teams

Loved by people who support people at businesses worldwide.

“Being fully remote with the help of Omnipresent is our strategy for access to the top global talent.”


John Smith



Our clients have grown their remote footprints with us by an average of 4x a year. Want to see why?