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Why choose Omnipresent instead of Remofirst for Employer of Record? Get expert support from real people to ensure you stay compliant and give your employees an experience that you would be proud to call your own

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Why is OmniPresent a better solution for you than Remofirst?

Best in Class Support

“My experience from day 1 with the Omnipresent team has been incredible. We switched from another EOR to use Omnipresent as the cost of service was more competitive and the support provided felt more human. The response time to any query is efficient and the support team go above and beyond. I would (and do) recommend Omnipresent to anyone hiring internationally.” - Trustpilot
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Handling Complex Cases

We thrive in the most complex cases. 

Situation One

For example, Germany EOR limits employment to only 18 months. Our competitor's customer reached out to Omnipresent as they wanted to continue the employment past the legal limitations. With Omnipresents VEO solution we were able to do so compliantly and quickly. The employee transitions from another EOR to our VEO solution within 2-3 weeks enabling him to continue his employment with little to no disruption.

Situation Two

A company demerger affecting almost two dozen senior employees across seven countries. Quickly and seamlessly supporting the offboarding of these employees of the Fortune 500 company and ensuring 100% retention in the process.

Get a partner committed to helping your business navigate the complex landscapes of international hiring.

Most comprehensive benefits

Get access to the most comprehensive benefits and customization in the market. 

In addition to healthcare packages, we also offer dental, vision, retirement, 401K, life and accident insurance and much more. We help you take care of your employees.

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No Annual Contracts

Don’t get locked into an annual contract for an employee that isn’t guaranteed. This means thousands of wasted costs.

To show our commitment to our customers, we offer month to month contracts. We're here to help all businesses grow quickly & effectively!

“We switched from another EOR to use Omnipresent as the cost of service was more competitive” ~ Trustpilot
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Compliance & security first provider

“Keeping track of any changes in employment legislation in all locations, giving us heads up on what the legislation is, what is best practice to address it and clear timelines on when the new legislation will affect our employees. This gives me confidence we are compliant in each country.” ~ Trustpilot

We are a compliance-first company.

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Adaptability & Ease

Our customers find great upside from both a compliance and cost point of view when being able to provide contract customizations vs our competitor's basic change or no change offering. Global employment is so nuanced from country to country, you must be able to make these changes when necessary to protect your company and your employees.

“The platform is very simple to use and our account support team are helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. We've used them to help hire talent in 5 different countries and it's gone very smoothly for us and our new employees.” ~Professional in Human Resources
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Trusted by employers everywhere

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Omnipresent's Expert Consultants

More than
a Platform

Employing international teams can sometimes feel pretty daunting. That's why, at Omnipresent, we offer more than a platform - our international employment, benefits and legal experts are here to guide you every step of the way

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Employing global teams made simple

Onboarding, paying and managing global teams made easy and compliant. One simple platform, supported by our international employment experts.

Platform of EOR Services

Employer of Record (EOR)

Hire employees easily and compliantly in countries where you don't already have a legal entity.

Platform of PEO Services

Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)

Outsource and simplify your HR operations including onboarding support, payroll, benefits and compliance

Platform of VEO Services

Virtual Employer Organisation (VEO)

Our VEO employment model is where your company serves as the legal employer for talent in a foreign country, hiring employees directly.

Platform of Contractor Services


Compliantly hire contractors around the globe. Easily keep track
of your contractor workforce and pay them from one platform. Learn more about our Contractor services.


Success Stories from Our Global Employment Assistance

Active State

How we helped Soundtrap accelerate their acquisition from Spotify:

With a tight three-week timeline, they seamlessly exceeded expectations across all countries. Their expertise instilled confidence and security, making them integral to our team."

Olle Råghall, COO Soundtrap
Logo of Quotapath

How we enabled international employee relocation to retain key talent for QuotaPath:

"The Omnipresent solution just works and requires very little extra effort from us which is really great."

Eric Heydenberk, Technical Co-Founder at QuotaPath
Logo of

How we helped Layer employ the talent they needed to fuel their global expansion:

"We can really rely on Omnipresent to look after us, and give our team members a great experience."

Flo Chapple, Head of People at

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