Switching EOR Providers

Your Employees Deserve the Best

Omnipresent’s intuitive platform & expert support ensures your transition to our Employer of Record solution is seamless, compliant & employee-centric.

Serving thousands of employees worldwide, one company at a time.

Why switch to Omnipresent?

Our HR, legal and financial expertise helps you switch EOR providers without the associated compliance risks, operational disruptions or cultural upheavals.

Employee satisfaction

Our customer support team guides your staff through every step of the transfer. Minimal disruption. Improved employee satisfaction.

Seamless benefits transfer

We ensure your employees' benefits match or exceed your previous EOR provider’s and comply with local requirements.

Assured compliance

We ensure visa and work permits sponsored by the previous provider are transferred quickly and compliantly.

How to switch to Omnipresent

Switching your employees and contractors to a new Employer of Record doesn’t have to be complex. Our simple, four step process ensures transparency and compliance at every step.

Step 1: Drafting employment contracts

Our Customer Support team will draft compliant employment contracts and provide employment costs for your review and approval.

Step 2: Strategising the transition

Our team sets up one to one meetings with transferring employees to keep them informed and outline the process and new employment conditions.

Step 3: Resigning and rehiring

This is an industry standard process. We signpost this transition for your team, providing clarity and reassurance around key aspects of employment, including transferable benefits or accrued tenure.

Step 4: Final review of employees and payroll

Our support team completes any final administration. This could include setting initial invoicing cycles to secure first payroll or establishing processes for any immigration issues identified during the initial analysis.


Easily scale your global business with our powerful EOR platform

Onboard, pay and manage your remote employees backed with the support of an expert team.


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