Enter New Markets

Quickly expand internationally 

Don’t be limited by borders. Employ teams in new markets quickly and with less risk.

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Serving thousands of employees worldwide, one company at a time.

How Omnipresent supports you

Organisations scaling and taking on new markets can be held back by the complexity of employing teams in new countries. We make it simple and take care of all the compliance issues.

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Scale faster with less risk

Remove the time and costs associated with establishing an entity or foreign subsidiary. Onboard your team in minutes not months.

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Comply with local labour laws

You don’t need to be an expert on local laws. Our team of lawyers, benefit and payroll experts ensure your employees stay compliant.

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Manage all your staff in one place

OmniPlatform gives you one place to manage your full time employees and contractors compliantly from onboarding to payroll.

Employ international teams in 4 steps

Omnipresent makes it easy for you to enter new markets by employing your teams for you – without needing to set up a foreign subsidiary, or worry about local legal and compliance challenges.

Step 1: Find your employee or contractor

Use your usual hiring routes to hire exactly the person you want in the country you want. Or ask us to introduce you to a local recruitment partner.

Step 2: Compliance & Benefits check

Our team will guide you through local compliance and benefits requirements, all simply managed by our platform

Step 3: Hire and onboard your team

Contracts are sent off via the Omniplatform and Omnipresent employ your international teams on your behalf. The whole onboarding process is managed seamlessly through our platform delivering an excellent employee experience

Step 4: Ongoing management

Ongoing management of your international teams and offboarding is all through the platform. Behing the scenes you have our team of experts on hand to answer any questions you have.


Easily scale your global business with our powerful EOR platform

Onboard, pay and manage your remote employees backed with the support of an expert team.


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Partner with us to hire talent in 160+ countries and regions worldwide. We can help you hire global talent in any of the countries listed in our OmniAtlas.

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