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Global Onboarding To Offboarding

Full employment lifecycle management

Hiring and employing internationally is complicated. We take care of the complexity and are here to support you and your teams every step of the way with our global hr services.

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Onboarding & offer management

Provide a great onboarding experience for your remote workers as they start their employment with you. Make them feel cared for with an employment contract that meets local standards, and valued with a local benefits package that's both attractive and relevant for where they live.

Compliant employment contracts for remote employees in 160 countries and regions

Whether it's a new hire or an existing contractor or employee, we can provide you with a locally compliant employment contract that fits as closely as possible with your existing policies.


We can help to communicate your company probation policies to remote workers. We can also advise on international probationary periods, policies, and procedures to ensure that you remain compliant.

Performance plans and disciplinary management

With our global employment services, we can help you create and run locally compliant performance and improvement plans, as well as disciplinary processes and notices should employees not meet the required standards.

Leave management

We give guidance on holidays, sick leave, maternity, paternity, or family leave based on statutory requirements in 160 countries and regions. We want you to feel empowered to support your remote team when they need it the most.


If for any reason you or your remote team member decide to end the employment relationship, Omnipresent can help guide and process the termination and off-boarding of the employee.


Every type of expense in every currency. Review, approve and pay your teams' expenses in any currency they incur.

International HR support

Sense check your HR and management processes against our international database. Our international team of experts is on hand if you are ever unsure about whether you are meeting local labor laws, standards and regulations.

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Effortless global payroll

Global payroll

Variations in local employment regulations mean that managing international payroll can be a complex process. Offering simplified invoicing for payroll, employment taxes and benefits in the language of your choosing, our dedicated global payroll services bring the ease back to payday.

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Dedicated international payroll team

Your dedicated international payroll team can offer you bespoke support on international and local payroll and tax queries.

Simplified invoicing

We handle all of the complexity of local taxes and cross border payments. We can tailor your invoices so that you can pay your entire team’s salary, taxes and benefits in a single invoice. Payroll made simple.

Social costs

We calculate local social security costs across multiple jurisdictions.

Multi pay-cycle management

We support international payroll cycles and can handle multiple payrolls a month as well as 13th and 14th month pay, in accordance with local regulations.

Employment taxes

We use our local partnership model to support us on everything payroll. Our hybrid model allows you to receive the best local expertise and in time service.

Variable components

We manage variable compensation components from commission and bonuses right through to expense reimbursements.

Currencies and foreign exchange

We support local currency payments across 160 countries and regions for your remote team members and manage all foreign exchanges.


Payslips are provided to employees in a compliant manner based on local data protection regulations.

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Local healthcare and benefits for your global team

Health & benefits

Healthcare and benefits options are fragmented and scattered around the world. Omnipresent helps you provide a high standard of global employee benefits - wherever your team members are. With Omnipresent, you can choose a range of competitive and local benefits irrespective of where they are based.

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Competitive benefits

We help you provide market competitive packages wherever possible in local jurisdictions.

Pensions, insurance, wellness and more

In addition to health care, we can also set up employee benefits to cover pensions, life insurance, wellness, transit related schemes and more, where applicable.

Family leave and time off

We cover parental leave, paid time off, sick leave, all other statutory leave and any other leave you might need.

Workers compensation insurance

Availability depending on jurisdiction.

Remote work equipment

Do you need to set up your team member’s home office? Reach out to us for suggestions and recommended partners.


We can file any expenses for other benefits, such as stipends, training & development.

International share options schemes

International employee share options are an extremely complex topic with many variables. We can connect you with expert local advisors and then help you build this advice into your remote offering.

Bespoke packages

Contact us to learn about building your own benefits package.

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World-class service and global coverage

HR support & service

We help you to hire employees and navigate through legal complexities across 160 countries. We can support you through a wide range of international employment questions through our internal legal and compliance experts as well as our network of international partners.

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International HR support

Sense check your HR and management processes against our international legal database and international compliance team so that you always remain compliant with local labor laws and standards.

Onboarding support

Our dedicated service team ensures that you and your team are guided through and feel supported throughout the onboarding process.

Dedicated support team

Your dedicated support team will guide you through the process from payroll and benchmarking, to general HR and local employment insights, standards and recommendations.

Ongoing care for your employees

Our benefits team will look after your remote team by helping them access relevant local benefits and are on hand to provide local employment advice and more.

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Platform & Security

Our platform for managers and employees

Central to ensuring a simple, consistent experience is our global employment platform: OmniPlatform. It allows your people managers to add remote team members in just a few simple steps, take them through the onboarding process, and manage day-to-day HR tasks, like tracking expenses. We work closely with our clients to evolve our platform so using it becomes simpler every day.

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Intelligent automation

We automate the things that shouldn’t be taking up your time, so we can focus our conversations with you on problems computers can’t solve.

Clear and understandable

We simplify complex and bespoke processes and regulations into a simple interface that lets you and your employee clearly see what is going on at a glance.

Data protection and security

By housing all your data in our platform, we can work in compliance with GDPR laws and ensure that you and your employees have timely, transparent access to your data. This data is encrypted and anonymised while stored in compliance with the most stringent industry standards. OmniPlatform is also penetration tested regularly to ensure our systems cannot be breached.

Customer centric product development

Omnipresent has product building in its DNA. We have an ever growing tech team dedicated to working with you to understand how we can enhance our platform to solve your problems. We release new features every few days.

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