Global Payroll Solutions

Local labor laws in multiple countries make managing payroll operations difficult. To simplify paying your global teams, we offer hassle-free global payroll services in over 165 countries.

Hire employees from the global workforce with the best talent wherever they’re based, and our international payroll solution experts will ensure they’re paid compliantly on time, every time.

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What Is Payroll?

Payroll is fairly simple if all your employees are based in one country. But if you want to tap into top talent globally, it becomes more complicated.

In short, payroll is a record of all your payable staff, including employees and contractors, as well as the compensation they’re entitled to, applicable taxes and social costs, and how much they’ve been paid to date. Global payroll does all of that but across international borders, which is much more complicated. It can involve multiple compliant payrolls in various jurisdictions and span the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding.

In other words, global payroll is much more than just paying employees.

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Omnipresent Payroll Service

If you're in search of a global payroll solution, consider Omnipresent. Our global payroll service makes paying international employees easy, so you can focus on hitting company targets and empowering your team to be the best it can be while we manage payroll.

Dedicated International Payroll Team

We have a dedicated international payroll team who are experts in their field. As global payroll providers, with decades of experience in operational payroll, compliance, and implementation across an array of industries, they can answer all your international payroll questions for over 150 countries and offer bespoke support to ensure your staff gets paid accurately and on time. When you choose Omnipresent as your internationalization partner, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a streamlined payroll process without losing the human touch.


Data protection laws vary from country to country, and non-compliance can lead to hefty fines, reputational damage, and a lack of employee trust. That’s why we treat personal data with respect, following the eight principles of data protection set out under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as specific local regulations. Our global payroll service ensures that all employees receive a payslip in compliance with local data protection regulations, including the EU GDPR, so their personal data remains private. By investing in global payroll outsourcing, you can ensure your business stays compliant with labour laws.

Employment Taxes

We partner with local experts to ensure all global payroll operations follow payroll and tax compliance requirements. Using their local knowledge, we calculate all employment taxes accurately, according to each jurisdiction’s regulations. Without a compliant payroll system, your company could risk fines, business disruption, productivity loss, and revenue loss, so you should choose an experienced global payroll provider, like Omnipresent, if you want to tap into global talent hassle-free.

Social Costs

Social security contributions are mandatory payments paid to respective jurisdictions’ governments that provide an entitlement to receive a future benefit, like medical services or family allowances. These contributions differ from country to country, so our global payroll system calculates local costs across multiple jurisdictions. With our international payroll services, you can rest assured that both employer and employee contributions are always compliant with local laws.

Multi Pay-cycle Management

Every jurisdiction has its own regulations and customs when it comes to payroll, as well as when payday occurs. With the right global payroll companies, managing payroll in multiple countries has never been easier. Here at Omnipresent, we also handle 13th and 14th month pay where it’s mandatory or customary, too.

Currencies and Foreign Exchange

Getting paid in the local currency isn’t only desired but required in many jurisdictions. As a global employer, your business must be in payroll compliance with different country currencies to ensure your employees are properly paid. That’s why we support local currency payments in over 165 countries. We also manage foreign exchanges so you can pay your invoice in your local currency hassle-free.  Choosing your ideal EOR service provider will expedite your company’s payroll processing.

Simplified Invoicing

We tailor our invoices to suit your needs. That means we can send you one consolidated monthly invoice to cover the costs of your entire remote team’s salary, taxes, and benefits - or we can send you multiple invoices instead. You choose which currency to pay invoices in, and we’ll sort out the currency exchange for you.

Variable Components

As a global payroll expert, basic salary is by no means the only compensation we manage; we also deal with variable components like commission, bonuses, and employee expenses. Without dedicated expertise, facilitating variable components across multiple countries can quickly become complicated and time-consuming. Omnipresent reassures you that your payroll operations are in safe hands and that the information you provide is processed on time, every time. That way, you can get on with value-adding activities while international payrolls are taken care of.

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How Does Payroll Work for Your International Team?

As a global employer, you must understand the proper labour and payroll compliance laws that govern each different country. Managing payroll on your own while growing your business through global hiring can be a complicated and confusing task. Each country has its own ever-changing regulations surrounding pay and taxation. International payroll can be a minefield, whether it’s calculating state or national taxes, paying staff according to local customs like 13th month salary, or working out country-specific pension contributions. If you don’t get it right, you’ll not only risk damaging employee satisfaction and retention, but you may also put your company at risk of legal action.

To get access to the best talent, you can’t be restricted by international borders and may want to consider global expansion. In other words, you need to be recruiting globally. But recruiting and paying talent abroad isn’t always simple, especially if you want to avoid setting up a local entity in each country. 

Global payroll services offer a simple solution to your international payroll needs. They work by employing your remote global employees for you and paying them directly according to local regulations. Your new hire is employed by the service provider and goes onto their payroll, but the employee is assigned to your company and carries out the tasks you set for them.

The global payroll service - which may also be called an ‘Employer of Record’ - sets up and manages a payroll system to pay your staff and calculate local taxes and contributions. Your company will then receive an invoice from the global payroll provider to cover the costs of paying your staff. With our expert international payroll team and their wide breadth of global payroll operation experience, you can feel confident about correctly running payroll for your international employees. Understanding different employee benefits when you hire employees from the global workforce can prove difficult when different countries have unique holidays or PTO laws. Our dedicated international team will also help you navigate these holidays during payroll processing.

Benefits of International Payroll

International payroll isn’t an added bonus for your global teams; it’s a requirement. By setting up an effective global payroll system - or using a global payroll service provider to do it for you - you can:

  • Access talent from across the globe
  • Ensure your staff gets paid on time
  • Create a positive employee experience
  • Minimize costs & HR resources
  • Comply with local regulations
  • Honor local labor laws and customs
  • Provide competitive local benefits
  • Make every payday smooth & simple
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Global Payroll Best Practices: Step by Step

Paying international employees across multiple jurisdictions isn’t an easy task, so here are some best practices your payroll manager can follow to stay on track and provide a compliant payroll for your workers:

  1. When hiring a new team member, first identify where they’re based and check they have a right to work there.
  2. If you don’t already have a local entity in that jurisdiction, you may need to set one up, along with all relevant local registrations. This is the case if you’re hiring an employee, rather than a contractor, so always be sure to classify your staff correctly.
  3. Familiarize yourself with local payroll regulations and employment law.
  4. Determine the employee’s salary and any other compensation they should receive using a salary benchmarking framework.
  5. Send a compliant offer and contract to the employee.
  6. In the meantime, source an efficient payroll management system or global payroll software to handle all the necessary data with ease.
  7. Once the employee has signed their contract, collect the relevant payroll data you need, such as their name, address, eligibility to work, bank details, social security numbers, etc. You must ensure that you handle the data according to local data protection laws.
  8. Now that your new staff member is set up on payroll, you can start payroll processing according to local regulations. Remember, paydays and payroll cycles may vary from country to country. You should always check with employees that they have received their first paycheck and the expected amount of money to ensure a great employee experience.
  9. Continue to check local employment, payroll, and tax regulations in each country your staff are based in to ensure global compliance and adjust payroll accordingly.

If that sounds like a lot to remember, it is! But there’s a much easier way of paying your global workforce, and that’s by partnering with a global payroll service provider like Omnipresent. With Omnipresent, you can expect the best international payroll service to handle your global payroll operation.

We can take care of all global payroll best practices, so you can rest assured that everything remains compliant and that your staff receives the correct compensation on time.

Complete Payroll Solutions with Omnipresent

Omnipresent provides global HR services including a hassle-free payroll solution that makes global employment and payment simple. We can pay staff in over 165 countries so that you can access top talent across the world. Our specialist international payroll service takes care of global employee benefits, salaries, tax and social contributions, benefits, and more, while the rest of our global services package covers everything else in the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to offboarding.

With our complete payroll solutions, you can rest assured that we’ll pay your staff on time, every time - and always in accordance with local regulations and customs.

Contact us today to book a call with our team to find out how we can help with all your global payroll needs.