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Live local.
Work global.

We make it easy for businesses to hire their talent of choice, wherever they are in the world. And we practice what we preach!

With Omnipresent you can build a global career, without giving up your locality. Our team is international, globally distributed and fully remote. We’ve brought together a tribe of diverse, ideas-driven experts.

Join us to grow yourself and global teams.

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How we work

Life at Omnipresent

Geographically separated but virtually united. At Omnipresent, every day is a new adventure.

Our Culture

Become Omnipresent, live locally while building a global career.

We believe that remote work is one of the great equalisers of our time. As we democratise international expansion so that any company can grow their teams globally, we're also allowing people to secure employment opportunities, no matter where they were born, or where they live.

Being globally distributed gives us increased opportunity to tap into our different cultures, backgrounds and experiences which helps us to communicate better with each other and our global clients. When underpinned with our company values, we believe that we have what it takes to raise the standards for what a quality remote-first team looks like.

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Our values are fundamental to how we achieve our mission. They guide our behaviour, our choices and how we work together in pursuit of our Vision. They are the non-negotiables in all that we do, and we lean in to these characteristics we all share.

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At Omnipresent we act Fast and with Ambition

What this means in our behaviour:

  • As leaders we give people autonomy and freedom to focus on outcomes over outputs.
  • We set ambitious goals and then ask "how can we beat them?
  • As individuals we are self disciplined, but creative problem solvers.
  • We are decisive and we move fast.
  • As high performers we know that rest is important. A great work/life balance is part of our ambitious life style and not a contradiction.
  • We do what it takes to get things done. We are never satisfied with normal. We are striving to achieve the "impossible"
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At Omnipresent we Keep it Real

What this means in our behaviour:

  • We are straightforward.
  • We are candid with each other but always kind.
  • We are doers, not talkers.
  • We always look for the pragmatic solution.
  • Our feedback culture is positive, constructive and its sole purpose is to improve as individuals and as a team.
  • We feel comfortable to be our true selves while respecting others and enable them to be their true selves as well. Together we create a culture of belonging.
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At Omnipresent we see the Bigger Picture

What this means in our behaviour:

  • We see the bigger picture and act without self interest. We look out for each other and do whatever needs to be done as a team.
  • We care deeply about our clients, team, and our company.
  • We act with humility. Our egos don't get in the way.
  • We know that being a humble but confident expert is our superpower.
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At Omnipresent we think from First Principles

What this means in our behaviour:

  • We always ask 'why?' before 'how?'
  • We are intellectually honest with ourselves and each other.
  • We challenge our assumptions and more generally the status quo.
  • We don't just tread the path of others.
  • It’s OK to not know the answer, but it's not OK to accept that we won't have it tomorrow.

Perks & benefits

Work is a major part of everyone's life so we want to make your Omnipresent work-life as great as possible for you. With our benefits we're looking out for you and your family, so you don't have to worry.

Remote allowance

We give you a budget for all the equipment and infrastructure that you need to work effectively, wherever you are.

Flexible working

Work from anywhere in the world. We are as flexible as the work allows and give you the autonomy to manage your time accordingly.

Company retreats

We are planning bi-annual company-wide retreats post COVID, and well as socials and other team building activities.

Development opportunities

We hire people who are intellectually curious and support your learning and development as led by you.

International benefits

Tailored benefits in your country of work.

Shared ownership

Being a part of our journey means you will own a piece of Omnipresent.

Annual vacation entitlement

We aim to offer 33 days of leave including local holidays where it's legally possible.

Interesting work and complex challenges

We're redefining the future of work which means this is greenfield work. You’ll decide the future of the tech stack and be fundamental to our success.

Remote-first team

Our team is globally distributed and fully remote.

Diverse team

Not only are we globally distributed, we come from a range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

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We practice what we preach. With Omnipresent you can work globally, while living wherever you choose to call home. Our team is international, globally distributed and fully remote. We’ve brought together a tribe of diverse, ideas-driven experts. Join us to grow yourself, and global teams.

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