Solve Talent Shortages

Tap into Talent Rich Regions

Omnipresent’s simple global platform gives you access to the best talent around the world – regardless where they are based

Serving thousands of employees worldwide, one company at a time.

How Omnipresent supports you

Rather than being restricted to your local talent market, Omnipresent enables you to employ and manage whoever you like, however you like anywhere around the world.

Solve Talent Shortages

Need developers? Software engineers? Now you increase your talent pool exponentially and hire the teams you need to be successful.

Compliantly employ the best talent

You don’t need to be an expert on local laws. Our team of lawyers, benefit and payroll experts ensure your employees stay compliant.

Manage all your staff in one place

OmniPlatform gives you one place to manage your full time employees and contractors compliantly from onboarding to payroll.

Why hire internationally?

38% of businesses report being unable to grow in the last 12 months due to labour shortages. Unlocking the global talent market is a simple and effective way to address this.

Tap into talent rich markets

Where some markets struggle for certain roles, in others there is a vast surplus of talent just waiting for the right opportunity

Secure funding

With the cost of living driving salaries exponentially higher, especially for talent short roles, international talent can help you manage costs.

Grow your business

22% have had to hold back from investing in their growth or product development due to talent shortages.


Easily scale your global business with our powerful EOR platform

Onboard, pay and manage your remote employees backed with the support of an expert team.


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Partner with us to hire talent in 160+ countries and regions worldwide. We can help you hire global talent in any of the countries listed in our OmniAtlas.

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Country Comparison

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