"The Omnipresent solution just works and requires very little extra effort from us which is really great."

Eric Heydenberk

Technical Co-Founder at QuotaPath

QuotaPath Case Study
Philadelphia & Austin, Texas, United States
Computer Software

About QuotaPath

QuotaPath are a SaaS platform that helps sales representatives, sales leaders, sales operations, finance, and accounting automate the sales commission. Their solution allows teams to build compensation plans in a no formula, no code way, making it easy to onboard and scale as organisations grow.


The employment challenge

Kiril had worked with Eric at Monetate for 5 years prior to Eric leaving to set up QuotaPath. Having seen Kiril develop from an intern to a senior engineer during their time together, he was front of mind when Eric was looking to hire his next software engineer. However immigration reasons meant Kiril had since relocated to Canada.

The key challenges of the situation were:

  • Not possible to return to the US - Kiril had gotten unlucky with the H1B lottery which resulted in the decision to relocate to Canada.
  • Time was of the essence - they were trying to fill a role that required backfilling and were looking to do so in 2 weeks.
  • Desire to maintain positive benefits package - they were keen to not impede on Kiril's rights to receive the same level of benefits, not just for healthcare, but across all the benefits that they offer.

Exploring their options

Before deciding to use Omnipresent, AJ and Eric explored a number of options and alternative employer of record (EOR) providers, but found they didn't meet their needs in terms of being cost and time efficient:

  • Setting up a local office in Canada was prohibitively expensive - especially where they were making their first international hire.
  • Competing EOR solutions proved more costly - they were unable to complete the onboarding process quickly.
  • Alternative EOR solutions were too involved - HR was being managed by a marketing person and their CEO AJ, which means little time to work out the finer details around benefits.

The Omnipresent solution

For AJ and Eric, they decided to use Omnipresent because it was the most cost effective, flexible and agile of the solutions that they had considered.

  • The team were able to onboard quickly - Omnipresent were able to onboard Kiril in the two week timeframe that they were looking for.
  • A process that feels automated - the team were prepared with the necessary templates and offer letters to onboard Kiril efficiently.
  • Making the process understandable - Omnipresent made sure that AJ and Eric were fully informed with how an EOR works to make the decisions that they needed, without getting stuck in the details of local Canadian employment law.
  • Taking care of the details that matter - Omnipresent were able to ensure that QuotaPath were able to offer the same level of benefits to Kiril including ancillary medical benefits such as dental even after onboarding.

QuotaPath now have access to an international talent pool

Since working with Omnipresent, QuotaPath are more open to remote international hiring and will likely maintain a hybrid work model going forward.

They're looking at their remote hiring from a roles and business needs perspective. They're likely to focus their remote hiring on the product and engineering roles, but are open to hiring remotely in other roles such as marketing, where they have considered some candidates based in Vancouver.

For founders like AJ and Eric, it's important that their employees are looked after equally, from a smooth onboarding process, through to being paid on time and accessing the same perks. Working with Omnipresent, they have access to a process that "just works", freeing up their time to get excited about their next hire, without worrying about how to make it work.

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