"We can rely on Omnipresent to handle the complexity of Canadian payroll, compliance and other administrative tasks."

Josh Holat

Chief Technology Officer at Cube

How Omnipresent Helped Cube Hire the Ideal Engineering Candidate in Canada
New York, United States
Computer Software

Cube is a fintech startup that helps companies plan and analyze their finances to stay ahead of changes. Its product is a spreadsheet-native financial planning and analysis (FP&A) platform that allows users to connect spreadsheets and source systems to a powerful analytics hub for faster strategic insights.

Implementing a new talent strategy

After Cube received its seed funding in August 2020, it underwent a period of rapid growth and sought to triple its staff size. At this time, the company only had the infrastructure to hire in the U.S. So when hiring manager and Chief Technology Officer Josh Holat found the ideal engineering candidate in Canada, Cube faced a dilemma. They needed to facilitate the hiring of international workers quickly and compliantly - without setting up expensive and time-consuming legal entities abroad.

Simplifying cross-border hiring

That’s when Josh found Omnipresent. Our upfront pricing, ease of use, and excellent customer service were what appealed to him the most: "We can rely on Omnipresent to handle the complexity of Canadian payroll, compliance, and other administrative tasks."

Eliminating obstacles to a global workforce

Leveraging Omnipresent’s Employer of Record (EOR) service, Cube was able to quickly onboard its new hire in Canada, with peace of mind that Omnipresent met all the necessary local employment regulations and compliance. As they continue to grow the business, Cube can now confidently consider removing borders as a barrier to hiring talent, helping them build a world-class team at speed.

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