Case Studies

"We can rely on Omnipresent to handle the complexity of Canadian payroll, compliance and other administrative tasks."

Josh Holat

Chief Technology Officer at Cube

New York, United States
Computer Software

About Cube

Cube is a software startup in the business of financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Cube's software allows users to connect existing spreadsheets and source systems into a powerful analytics hub for faster strategic insights.

The challenge

Since closing its seed round in August 2020 Cube announced that it intended to triple its staff size over the course of the next year.

As part of their scaling, Josh Holat (CTO) found an ideal Engineering candidate that he wanted to hire immediately. The challenge for Cube was that this candidate was based in Canada. While Cube has experience with remote employees, this was the first to be based outside of the USA where the company is registered.

The solution

Rather than setting up a legal entity in Canada for one employee, Cube turned to Omnipresent for its global employment solution. Josh had reached out to a few different providers but as a result of Omnipresent's responsiveness and attentiveness he decided to stop his other correspondence and move forward with Omnipresent. As compared to competitors Josh was further convinced by Omnipresent's simple and upfront pricing.

The result

Omnipresent was able to quickly onboard Cube's Engineering employee in Canada. As they continue to expand following their Series A round in March 2021, Cube are grateful that it could rely on Omnipresent to handle compliance, Canada's complex payroll system as well as other administrative tasks. As a result of this positive experience coupled with Cube's expansion ambitions the company is considering continuing to hire outside of the USA using Omnipresent as their service provider.

Does Cube's situation resonate with your own? If you need help employing internationally get in touch for a free consultation!

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