Onboarding Global Talent

Getting your global talent set up anywhere in the world is tricky business.

We can help you build a fool-proof onboarding process so your new hires can hit the ground running.

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What Is Onboarding?

A succinct onboarding definition is hard to come by. Generally, onboarding is the process all new hires go through to get started in a new business. This can include things like meeting the team, getting their online accounts set-up, and familiarizing them with your company values and norms.

There are many ways of onboarding new employees. But what does onboarding mean for your business? The onboarding period is your new talent’s first experience as part of your company. This is your time to make the best impression. That’s why it’s so important to get it right from the start. 

When hiring global talent, the ideal onboarding program can ensure your global team can be onboarded wherever, whenever.

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Onboarding & Offboarding Services

Our new hire onboarding and offboarding global HR services services provide you with everything you need to get your global teams started. We focus on compliance and offering you the best support every step of the way.

Onboarding & Offer Management

Our team can help you build an effective onboarding process to make your new global hires feel welcome and cared for. We can help you tailor your offers to your new global team member by providing compliant, attractive, and relevant employment offers.

Compliant Employment Contracts

Compliant employment contracts are an absolute must for global employment. We provide you and your global hires with compliant employment contracts as part of their onboarding process. Our team ensures that your global talent receives legally compliant employment contracts in 160 countries and regions globally.


As part of our bespoke onboarding service, our team can help you design compliant probation policies that are in line with international standards. We also help you communicate these to your new global talent during the onboarding process.

Performance Plans & Disciplinary Management

The process of onboarding new hires can extend well into a global talent’s tenure at your company. Performance improvement plans can help you assess your talent’s performance at any stage. We can help you set-up compliant plans that meet local legal requirements and international standards.

Our service also includes improvement steps to help your new global talent meet their performance targets. If and when necessary, we are there to assist you in managing compliant disciplinary actions in case your global talent is not able to meet your standards.

Leave Management

Each country has its own regulations regarding paid and unpaid leave. Reasons for leave can vary a lot, including vacations, illness, care-giving purposes, compassionate leave, as well as marriage leave for your talent's weddings. We support you in understanding what leave your talent is legally entitled to and in managing these across your global team.


An effective offboarding process is just as essential as an onboarding program. We help you understand your legal responsibilities when terminating an employment relationship. This helps your business stay compliant. Termination can also be a very difficult experience for employees. Our service includes support for employees during the offboarding process.


Managing a global team also means managing expenses in multiple currencies. We help you manage all your talent’s expenses from the beginning of the employment relationship. Our new hire onboarding service allows you to review, approve, and pay your global team’s expenses. This also includes expenses incurred during the onboarding process, like acquiring remote office equipment for a productive work from home environment.

International HR Support

Our team keeps a detailed and up-to-date database of global HR and employment standards. We can help you compare your HR and employment practices by drawing on our research. This way you can ensure you are meeting all local and international labor standards.

Employee Onboarding Checklist

A powerful global employee onboarding process needs to be proactive and supportive. Here is our onboarding checklist to help you get your global talent started from anywhere.

Before they start...

  1. Make sure your job offer is compliant and compelling before you make it
  2. Ensure you are providing them with a compliant contract once they accept
  3. Create their accounts in your HR and payroll systems
  4. Create guides that’ll help new hires answer basic questions around things like booking time off, expenses, benefits and payroll
  5. Don’t forget to ask about their home office set-up and if they need anything
  6. Find out how long it’ll take to ship equipment to your team member so you and they can plan properly
  7. E-mail them with details of their first day and the remainder of the onboarding process

Once they’ve started…

  1. Check your new talent has access to all tools, e-mails, and resources from day one
  2. Provide an introduction to your communication apps and platforms
  3. Introduce them to their team and wider company on day one
  4. Ask them to share some interesting details about themselves on your company channels during their first days. We love celebrating our new Omnipresent members on LinkedIn!
  5. If you have a mentorship scheme, introduce them to their onboarding buddy
  6. Make sure they know whom to reach out to for support
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How Does Onboarding Work?

Onboarding new employees often begins as soon as your new global hire accepts their job offer. This is the time to make them feel welcome and excited about their new role. 

The onboarding process is managed both by HR and your team. HR teams typically manage the logistics of employment, like contracts or personal and payroll details. Nowadays, onboarding software can provide your new global talent with full access to their personal details. They can also include seamless team introductions and step-by-step guides to getting started in their new role.

Benefits of Onboarding

A solid onboarding program is essential for positive employee experience and engagement. The benefits of effective employee onboarding speak for themselves:

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Onboarding Best Practices

There are plenty of hidden pitfalls that can derail your global onboarding process. Luckily, you can mitigate these by following some tried and tested onboarding best practices.

  1. Identify your talent’s location and role so you can provide a compliant offer and contract
  2. Ask them what equipment they need and help them set up
  3. Set up their workplace accounts
  4. Use an onboarding software for a seamless remote onboarding process - integrations between tools can really help make the process more efficient!
  5. Make your onboarding process interactive and engaging - keep your HR admin to a minimum so people can enjoy learning about your company and building connections
  6. Introduce them to a buddy - a buddy system is essential to getting people integrated quickly and to build belonging
  7. Involve senior leaders in welcoming new hires
  8. Set new hires up for success by communicating clear expectations of their role and probation objectives
  9. Regularly give and ask for feedback
  10. Provide them with a new joiner checklist

Onboarding Global Talent with Omnipresent

Omnipresent’s global onboarding service kicks off from the beginning of the employment process. We help you draft compelling employment offers to get your ideal global talent on your team. We then create a compliant employment contract. You can review and monitor the signing process at every stage through the OmniPlatform, our very own onboarding software. Wherever you and your global talent are based, Omnipresent can help you build an engaging onboarding process for your entire global team.

Book a call with us today to find out how we can help you build the best global onboarding experience.