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Making global teams work

We partner with pioneering businesses that share our mission to make global teams work. If that’s what you do, we’d love to hear from you. We partner with:

  • Recruitment agencies and talent acquisition tools

  • VCs, investors and accelerator programs

  • Professional services companies

  • HR and business consultants

  • HRIS systems

  • Complementary products to global hiring including relocation and visa support, background checks, remote equipment delivery, co-working spaces, and more.

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Why our partners' clients love Omnipresent

Trusted by employers everywhere to employ their best talent
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When we think of Omnipresent's process, it does spark joy. Every time there's been an issue, Omnipresent has dealt with it. Long story short, the question is always going to be, "is this employee getting employed as quick as possible?" With Omnipresent, the answer is yes. I think that the process has also improved drastically, and that's from when we started, and that's only been a short while so I know that over time, things will only get better.

Mary (Beato) Monzo
Mary (Beato) Monzo
People Operations Manager at Proscia
People Operations Manager

When I was asked to provide a testimonial, I said “Absolutely!“. Simply because this platform has been life changing for me. It’s so much easier to onboard people, to expense things, and everything has been really intuitive. I can use this morning as a testament; there was a total mistake and I take full responsibility for it because I should have seen it, but Omnipresent were able to have such a quick turnaround time in understanding that it needed to be corrected. Omnipresent are very easy to work with, and I love the platform. It makes hiring growth so much easier.

During the evaluation phase, all we did was bake off their proposal against several competitors, and it spoke for itself. Since choosing them, they have delivered on their promises 100%.

I experienced a transparent, efficient and integrated process with Omnipresent. From an employer perspective the whole experience felt seamless, a modern version of what Employer of Records (EORs) used to be. Omnipresent is re-inventing how EORs work in a digital era.

Omnipresent was able to quickly onboard Cube's Engineering employee in Canada. Cube was grateful that it could rely on Omnipresent to handle compliance, Canada's complex payroll system as well as other administrative tasks.

Without Omnipresent we wouldn’t have been able to grow our team at the pace we did and in the locations we wanted. Omnipresent has the geographic reach, legal expertise and local knowledge that we desperately needed when it came to hiring our new found talent in several different countries.

Omnipresent has been an invaluable part of Supercede's growth journey allowing us to focus on finding the best talent for our business regardless of location. Managing our rapidly growing global team in one place is a life-saver!


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