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Why Omnipresent?

Simple. The best choice for global remote employment.

Omnipresent is the best choice for international remote employment because we:

1. Help companies employ remote teams globally at an affordable cost

2. Have an Employer of Record service model means that we act as the local employer in every jurisdiction

3. Provide a seamless onboarding experience through our simple tech enabled platform

4. Are live in 143 countries and still expanding.
Why partner with us?

Stronger together

Expand your talent search 
Find better talent faster by expanding the search with no geographical restraints

Offer added value by demonstrating global reach
Provide value added service by referring your clients to an international employment provider so they can hire from anywhere.

Free local employment advice
Have questions about local employment costs, rules and regulations? We will be happy to answer them for you and your clients. 

Annual discounts or referral fees.
Provide discounts for your clients or receive referral fees based on converted leads.

Access to Partner network
Partner with us to gain access to our partner network and discounted remote working tools
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