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Managing a global workforce is complex, so Omnipresent’s friendly team of global human resource experts is here to support you every step of the way.

If you're interested in global expansion, we've got you covered. From onboarding to offboarding, our global HR services will give you all the help you need to hire, pay, and manage international staff effectively.

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What is HR Support?

Human Resource (HR) support can cover a wide range of services, but typically it involves outsourcing key HR functions like onboarding, compliance, payroll, and benefits to an external party. HR support may also include consulting services and practical advice.

Global HR service outsourcing and solutions are particularly popular for start-ups and SMBs who are yet to establish their own full-fledged Human Resources and People teams. External HR support can help save time, money, and resources while ensuring the business remains HR compliant.

Many global businesses also opt for HR support because complying with multiple labor laws is very complicated. Without support, you must juggle numerous payroll accounts, benefits packages, and onboarding processes. It’s often much simpler and more cost-effective to partner with a global HR solutions provider like Omnipresent to carry out this work for you.

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Omnipresent HR Support Services

Omnipresent offers Global HR strategy and support services for you and your chosen talent throughout the employment cycle. While our OmniPlatform provides a streamlined and tech-enabled experience, we believe human support is invaluable. That’s why our friendly team members are always available to assist.

Global Services

International HR Support

We can help you hire, pay, and manage top talent in over 155 different countries and regions compliantly. Our international compliance database and expert team offer a wealth of knowledge about local labor laws and regulations, so you can have peace of mind as you grow your global team. Our international HR support can also include advice and guidance on a range of topics such as competitive benefits, successful onboarding, and managing a remote workforce.

Dedicated Support Team

When you partner with Omnipresent, we assign a dedicated client support team to your account. They will be available to assist you throughout our partnership, guiding you through the whole employment process and answering any questions you may have. They will also liaise with the rest of our subject-matter experts to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate information at all times.

Onboarding Support

A smooth onboarding process is essential for a high-quality employee experience - and that’s exactly what we offer at Omnipresent. As your chosen talent’s Employer of Record (EOR), we onboard them compliantly and efficiently through the OmniPlatform. Once your new hire has submitted all the necessary information through the platform, we’ll work with you to create a compliant employment contract that both you and your chosen talent are happy with. Our onboarding support also includes global payroll, expenses, and time-off management, so you’re properly equipped to welcome your new hire to the team.

Ongoing Care For Employees

Your international team members are our priority. That’s why we provide ongoing care for them well beyond onboarding. We want to ensure they get the best employee experience possible and fit in with the rest of your team seamlessly. While you’re responsible for supporting their professional development on a day-to-day basis, our hr professionals are always on hand to answer their employment-related queries. We’ll also keep them updated with any proposed changes to their contract, updates to our employment relationship, or continued advice on how best to use the OmniPlatform.

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How Does HR Support Work for Your International Team?

HR support typically starts when you find the perfect candidate and continues right through to their last day working at your company. An HR solutions company will step in to help you onboard a successful candidate and manage certain aspects of their employment until they leave the business. 

Outsourced HR services usually include onboarding, payroll, employee benefits, time-off management, and offboarding. Your chosen provider will be available to support you throughout the process, answering your questions on demand.

For international teams, HR support may be part of a wider Employer of Record (EOR) solution. An EOR is a company that legally employs international staff on your behalf while assigning the employee to carry out work for your business. It’s often a much simpler and more cost-effective way of hiring global talent than setting up your own local entities abroad.

As your chosen talent’s legal employer, the EOR must comply with all local labor laws and regulations. This means creating compliant employment contracts, setting up payroll, and ensuring benefits meet local standards.

If your business wants to tap into top international talent and build a global team, partnering with an EOR service provider like Omnipresent is likely one of the best HR outsourcing solutions for your needs.

Advantages of Our HR Support & Service

Global employment is really complex; you have to navigate ever-changing foreign labor laws, local customs, and international standards. Without dedicated support and resources, this can be extremely time-consuming and costly. That’s why using a trusted Human Resources support service like Omnipresent can help your global business thrive.

  • Hire top talent anywhere in the world hassle-free
  • Streamline HR processes to save time and money.
  • Spend less time on HR administration and more on higher ROI activities.
  • Remain compliant with local labor laws and regulations.
  • Receive on-demand support and advice from international employment experts.
  • Create a high-quality employee experience.

Complete HR Support Services with Omnipresent

Omnipresent’s international HR solutions are reliable, comprehensive, and affordable. Our EOR solution gives you the freedom to hire top talent in over 155 different countries and regions worldwide. Whether you are looking for talent in the United Kingdom, France, or anywhere else, Omnipresent can support your international expansion. Omnipresent takes care of all global HR challenges including, local compliance, payroll, benefits for you, so you can focus on growing your business and building a world-class global team.

Our friendly support is what sets us apart as a global HR solution’s company. We believe in the value of real human interaction while using technology to streamline processes as required. Through your dedicated customer success manager, you’ll have access to a wealth of international expertise and support. Our hr team will be there to guide you throughout your global workforce expansion to ensure an excellent experience for both you and your team members.

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