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Frequently Asked Questions

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If I have an HR related question, what should I do?

Your employer is responsible for supporting you and your development, but we’re able to help too! We partner closely to ensure all of your questions are answered clearly, timely, and accurately.

How will it work?

Once approved by your new manager, we will send over an employment contract. Once this is signed off, a member of our team will be in touch to ensure that you have a smooth onboarding and to give you access to the OmniPlatform, our online platform, where you can submit expenses for approval and manage your personal details.

The company I work for is using Omnipresent, so what does that mean for me?

You will be employed in full compliance with the legislation of your country, and your new company will be paying all the relevant taxes and social contributions. It means more security for you, a full employee status, regular payslips and all of the benefits of being an actual employee.

What is an Employer of Record?

The Employer of Record model is a way for companies to hire workers like you in a new international market without having to set up their own legal operations in that country. Omnipresent, or one of our local partners, acts as your legal employer, ensuring that all labor laws and regulations are observed, while the employee (you!) performs work at a different company.

Who are we?

Omnipresent removes the complexity out of employment compliance, payroll, and benefits for businesses looking to hire internationally. We accomplish this with a global network of local entities and benefits providers through various employment models to ensure our customers are compliant with local employment laws and international team members (you!) are well taken care of.

As an employer, how do I get started?

Please arrange a free consultation with us to start onboarding employees today.

What benefits do you support?

We can offer tailored benefits packages on demand, country by country. Please contact us for further details.

Do you have any discounts for startups or for companies looking to hire more than one employee?

Yes, we want to work with businesses of all sizes and have discounts available. If you are a startup or if you are planning on hiring more than one employee then please talk to us to discuss.

Do we need to take care of filing monthly/annual reports to the tax authorities?

No. Omnipresent takes care of all of this on your behalf.

Which countries does Omnipresent support?

We can help you employ compliantly in 160 countries and regions globally, across every continent. To see the full list, please see our global reach. We are constantly increasing our global reach so if there's a country you would like to enquire about that is not on our list please reach out to us directly and we can get back to you with timings.

How does invoicing and billing work?

We send a single invoice in a currency of your choice every month which will contain a breakdown of salaries, taxes, benefits and other contributions associated with your remote employee or team.

Can you support pension payments?

Yes, we can support pension payments/contributions in 160 countries and regions.

How do we make a change to employment details, review payroll, or exchange and collect documents?

You can do everything on our global employment platform or can simply contact us to manage any changes for you. In addition, every employee gets their own access to the employee portal, helping them manage payroll information, contracts, payslips, expenses and other documents.

We employ our remote staff as independent contractors, why should we use Omnipresent?

In many countries, it is not legal to work as an independent contractor long term. In certain jurisdictions, repercussions could lead to severe financial penalties and removal of business license if the classification of the employee is not established in a compliant way. To help you navigate such challenges, Omnipresent has created a global infrastructure dedicated to serve your globally distributed teams.

We have corporate entities set up in a number of countries, can we still use Omnipresent?

Definitely, even if you have set up your own entities, you can still use Omnipresent to process payroll, and ensure compliance with employment law, for each country you have remote workers in or offer employment for remote workers where you don't have local presence.

What does Employer of Record (“EOR”) mean?

The term “Employer of Record” describes the legal way of hiring workers in a new global market without having to deal with the legal and financial liabilities of setting up a local entity in a foreign country. Omnipresent acts as the employer of the individual, ensuring that all labor laws and regulations are observed and the worker is taken care of.

In an EOR capacity, Omnipresent is responsible for:

  • Complying with all local payroll and employment regulations
  • Issuing payslips and processing local payroll
  • Onboarding new employees with contracts compliant with local employment regulations
  • Providing ongoing, around the clock HR support
  • Filing local taxes and managing benefits and contributions

What is Omnipresent and how does it work?

Omnipresent makes it easy and fast for companies to employ, pay and support your international team. We do this by employing people - wherever they may be - on your behalf and act as the "Employer of Record".

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