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Daniel Aisen

CEO of Proof

Proof Case Study
Austin, TX
Fintech, Finance

Early on the founders of the New York, US registered company Proof decided that one of their goals would be to make Proof a remote friendly company. A key driver of this decision was the ability to access a much broader pool of talent. When Proof secured the interest of a brilliant designer/developer based in Toronto, Canada, the company set-off on a quest on how to employ remotely. After a thorough market evaluation at the time Proof settled on an incumbent PEO service provider, Globalization Partners (GP). A year later, however, Proof decided to re-evaluate the situation. Looking for a more financially viable remote employment provider Proof decided to make the switch to Omnipresent and four months later, in the words of CEO Daniel Aisen they “couldn’t be happier”. 

Our Client

Proof is changing finance for the better starting with U.S. institutional equities trading. They are building a nimble, transparent, highly effective equities execution platform, which is expected to go live in 2020.

The Challenge

Daniel Aisen, CEO of Proof, was not convinced about the price they were paying their PEO service provider to employ their user experience expert in Toronto, Canada. Even after negotiations, Daniel concluded “they were still pretty expensive”. As a remote friendly company, committed to attracting the best global talent, after a year Daniel decided it was time to explore other companies that could help Proof employ remotely. They were on the lookout for new entrants into the remote employment space and for: 

  • better pricing 
  • streamlined onboarding process 
  • tech-forward experience

Fortunately for Daniel, Omnipresent ticked all of these boxes. After weighing up a range of other options, Proof made the decision to switch to Omnipresent. 

A Tailored Solution

After receiving a rapid, knowledgeable and professional service, Omnipresent created a tailored package with a specific health insurance component for Proof to employ their remote designer/developer in Canada.

Right from the start Omnipresent had an upfront and transparent fee structure with no hidden fees on the backend. Omnipresent provided a compliant Canadian local employment contract and smoothly onboarded the employee.

The Result

Since switching to Omnipresent, Proof has been impressed with the service it has received. Omnipresent checked all of Proof’s boxes and provided: 

✔ better pricing than competitors by offering a flat rate fee

✔ streamlined onboarding process 

✔ tech-forward experience through its flagship digital tool OmniPlatform 

Not only was Omnipresent able to help Proof solve its initial task of employing remote talent in Canada but more importantly it is supporting Proof in the company’s long-term goal to be remote friendly.

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