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Intelligent automation to simplify global employment

Use the OmniPlatform to oversee and manage the whole employee lifecycle. Whether you’re onboarding a new international hire or planning your next recruitment drive, it has everything you need.

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Speedy onboarding

Your business moves fast, so do we. We automate manual processes to make onboarding quick and easy.

The OmniPlatform generates compliant contracts and gives you the flexibility to amend clauses.

That way, you have more time to focus on building your global culture and the best teams on earth.


Integrations with 40+ HRIS platforms

Onboarding talent onto multiple tools can be tiresome. That’s why the OmniPlatform integrates with over 40 popular HRIS platforms.

Transfer employee information from your HRIS in a few short clicks, so your new hires don’t have to enter the same information twice.

Save time, reduce errors, and provide an even better onboarding experience with the OmniPlatform.

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Seamless payroll and invoicing

Processing international payroll is hard work, so we take it off your hands.

The OmniPlatform handles payroll and tax computations so your international hires get paid accurately - every time.

Consolidated monthly invoices and reporting let your finance team breathe easy too.


Global employment insights

Global hiring has the power to transform your business, but where do you start?

The OmniPlatform gives you country-level insights and comparisons of employment laws and costs, so you can plan your international footprint with confidence.

And if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, our expert team is always on hand to help.

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Our clients rate us over 4.7 out of 5.
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Source: Trustpilot and G2 reviews in November 2022

Introducing OmniPlatform

OmniPlatform is your go-to place for onboarding and managing international talent. Designed to be simple and user-friendly, the OmniPlatform allows you to carry out a range of HR tasks quickly and efficiently. 

Think of it as your own global employee management software. You can collect required information, store important documents, approve expenses, manage time off, and lots more.

We balance our platform with access to human-centric support, who are available to answer your international employment questions. This way, you enjoy all the benefits of automation, without losing that human touch. 


The OmniPlatform

A global employee management system that allows you to manage your international team members with ease.

Intelligent Automation

We automate as much of the international employment process as possible. From onboarding to offboarding, the OmniPlatform streamlines processes and reduces administration. Coupled with our team of local experts, the OmniPlatform allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds -  efficiency with a personal touch.

Simple Interface

With a clean, user-friendly interface, you and your new hires will be able to navigate the OmniPlatform with ease. We’ve made it simple to request information, manage expenses, and book time off in just a few clicks. If you ever get stuck, our friendly client support specialists are on hand to help.

Data Security, Privacy, and Compliance

We take data protection and security very seriously, so you can trust us to store and process your data safely. We use industry-standard data encryption and anonymization, as well as annual third-party penetration tests, to keep all your stored data secure. We also train every employee to understand the importance of data security.

Customer-Centric Product Development

We are continuously improving and innovating the OmniPlatform. As a client, you will be involved in how the OmniPlatform develops and grows. We regularly work with clients to understand their top priorities for the platform. We also work to incorporate innovative new features in every release.

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