How to Successfully Anticipate & Reduce M&A Risk [Free Calculator]

How to Successfully Anticipate & Reduce M&A Risk [Free Calculator]

Omnipresent’s free M&A risk calculator lets you calculate and mitigate the employee-led risks that can cause a crucial deal to fail, including setting up new legal entities and transferring employee benefits.

During cross-border M&As, employment-related risks are numerous. Failing to integrate acquired talent. Lacking legal entities in countries where you’ve inherited employees. Inheriting contractors.

If you can’t predict or quantify these risks, it becomes harder to do the necessary due diligence.

Omnipresent’s new M&A risk calculator is an easy to use tool that makes it easier for M&A deal teams to:

  • Quickly identify the most common risks you’ll face throughout the M&A process
  • Categorise & quantify employment-related risks by size & complexity.
  • Establish a total risk score to share with your wider C-suite and deal team.

Download your free calculator to learn more about how Omnipresent’s global employment solutions can help you mitigate any and all employment-related risks.

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