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Driving the Shift: Why We’re All in on Global-first Business

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated existing global and remote working trends. Omnipresent is enabling businesses of all sizes and stages to excel as they adopt a global-first mindset.

Driving the Shift: Why We’re All in on Global-first Business

We founded Omnipresent in 2019 to make global employment simpler. Even before the pandemic, we knew the world of work was changing. Globalization and technological advances have been connecting businesses, individuals, and societies for years. The pandemic was simply the catalyst that accelerated this shift towards remote and global work.

Employees are no longer satisfied with the “old way” of doing things and instead want the freedom to work more flexibly (the Great Resignation and subsequent Great Reshuffle is proof of that). Businesses are expanding internationally to sell their products and services in new markets. Some governments are introducing policies that give employees the right to request remote work, while others are encouraging remote workers to live and work in their countries temporarily by offering digital nomad visas.

Embracing this historic shift will open up a wealth of opportunities for ambitious businesses to grow quickly and attract and retain the best talent. By casting a wider net, businesses can build the most competitive teams while offering employees the flexibility they desire. It’s a shift from thinking locally to thinking globally - and it’s a strategy the most innovative businesses are already implementing.

We have no doubt that global-first business is the future, but building global teams remains complex and fraught with regulatory hurdles and bureaucracy. When you employ talent in more than one country, your compliance burden grows dramatically. You have to consider various employment laws, set up multiple payroll systems, and understand the nuances of salary benchmarking and market-aligned benefits in each country. It’s really challenging.

That’s why Omnipresent exists. We discovered first-hand just how complicated global employment is, and we wanted to remove those barriers so other businesses could hire anyone, anywhere with ease. Our tech-enabled solutions, combined with our team’s expertise in all areas related to global-first business, empower companies of all sizes to hire top talent worldwide effortlessly. We take care of time-consuming compliance and administrative duties on behalf of our clients, so they can focus on growing their business without facing bureaucratic limitations.

But being global-first isn’t just good for companies; it’s good for employees too. The global workforce gets so much more choice when it comes to economic opportunities. Just because someone is born in one part of the world doesn’t mean they can’t pursue a great career with a company based elsewhere.

Global-first workers can still land an impressive city job without moving to the capital, earn a competitive salary without uprooting their family, and enjoy the best benefits without compromising on location. In turn, they continue to support their local economies, and businesses can bring new products and ideas to the market.

Ultimately, embracing a global-first mindset enables businesses and individuals to access opportunities that weren’t possible before. Omnipresent is simply the operating system they can use to streamline the process.

We believe that global-first business is here to stay, and the trend is only going to accelerate from here. If you’d like to learn more, you can book a call with our team to get started.

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