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About This Course

International hiring is a hot topic. The world of work is transforming, and more companies are shifting to a remote-friendly, globalized way of working. Now, you can hire anyone, anywhere - so long as you can handle the employment operations of contracts, compliance, tax, and benefits.

In less than three years, Omnipresent has grown to 400 people in 50+ countries. This course builds on the expertise we've developed for our own company and our clients. In just two hours you'll have the tools you need to navigate the complexities of global recruitment and build a world-class team with ease.


Course Content

Why Hire Internationally?
The Challenges of International Employment
Existing International Employment Solutions
The Costs of International Employment
Laying the Groundwork for a Global Team
Finding & Recruiting the Best International Talent
Tips for Interviewing Candidates Remotely
Putting Together a Compelling Offer
Documents & Administrative Requirements for International Employment
Creating a Compliant Employment Contract
Onboarding an International Hire
Paying International Staff
Managing Your International Hires Throughout The Employee Lifecycle


Meet Your Instructor

At Omnipresent, we're proud that each and every one of our people believe in our mission to make global teams work. Throughout this course, you'll be expertly guided by one of our team members, Ali, our Head of Talent.

Ali Shepherd

Ali Shepherd

Head of Talent, Omnipresent

Ali is our Head of Talent. She's responsible for ensuring we welcome the very best people to our team from across the world. Since joining,
she's helped grow our business from a handful of people to more than 400 in 50+ countries worldwide.

Ali has over a decade of experience
in recruitment and talent roles. She joined Omnipresent because she believes borders shouldn't be a barrier to employment.

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