🤝 Everything You Need To Know: Working with an EOR Provider

April 28, 2023
🤝 Everything You Need To Know: Working with an EOR Provider
🤝 Everything You Need To Know: Working with an EOR Provider


2023-04-28 15:00
April 28, 2023
April 28, 2023
3:00 pm


When it comes to global expansion and hiring, working with an EOR is the best way to ensure you’re covered, from seamless payroll to localized benefits and compliance. 🌎 With that said, not all EORs operate the same, and it can be confusing for HR professionals. We’re here to clear it up.

Join us for a thorough deep dive into the specifics of working with an EOR provider to reach your hiring goals. 🚀

In this second instalment of our “Everything You Need to Know About Global Hiring series, Omnipresent’s legal counsel Amir Khan will dive into the details of:

  • What is an EOR, and why use one?
  • The best use cases for an EOR (when / why / how)
  • Compliance and legal implications
  • How much it costs
  • The employee experience
  • How to evaluate providers before choosing the right one

Having extensively used and built our own top-rated EOR solution, we’re here to teach you everything you need to know about this future-proofed international employment tool. 🌟

As part of your registration, we encourage you to submit your questions so our legal team can dive deep into the areas that are most useful for you. We look forward to seeing you later this month! 👋

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Amir Khan
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