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The Omnis: Our Shortlisted Nominees Revealed!

Having received dozens of incredible entries for the very first Omnis Awards, we’re ready to announce the shortlisted nominees for each of our six categories, as well as the inspiring stories behind them.

The Omnis: Our Shortlisted Nominees Revealed!

In early September we launched The Omnis, a unique awards program that celebrates the people and companies making great efforts within the remote, global workspace. Since then, we’ve received dozens of inspiring entries for all six awards categories, focusing on mental health, bringing teams together, and using tech solutions to make remote and global work a success. Now’s the time to reveal our much anticipated shortlist.

Since entries closed on October 14, our panel of industry expert judges has worked hard to narrow down the entries, evaluating the effectiveness of each submission using an equally weighted scoring system for each category.

Assessed based on the effectiveness of their objectives, strategy, implementation, results, and evaluation, we’re proud to announce our shortlisted nominees for The Omnis 2021.

Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

While the ‘Great Resignation’ is trending worldwide, the following remote-friendly businesses have made huge strides in growing their teams, fostering diversity and inclusion, and reaching talent globally:

  • Boldly has been recruiting highly skilled remote talent and carefully matching them with the right clients, supporting both employees and clients to grow and achieve their long-term goals.
  • Redeemeum UK shared their efforts to minimize unconscious bias by removing questions around gender or any other demographic factors within the recruitment process.
  • SEDNA Systems doubled its headcount in 2021 through targeted sourcing and an employee referral program.

Outstanding Learning & Development

Once hired, nurturing talent is crucial to retention and overall remote working success. The following businesses have demonstrated an excellent approach to investing in learning and development opportunities for their teams:

  • Nexthink offers a robust learning and development program, buddy system, and Nexthink Academy to support growth throughout the employee lifecycle.
  • Tyk Technologies has achieved an engagement score of 94%, which is in part thanks to a comprehensive onboarding process, and diversity and inclusion, and interview training process.

Outstanding Culture & Communication

When your teams are distributed around the world, building a strong company culture and communication strategy is essential. The following businesses have shown considerable commitment to supporting their teams during even the most challenging of times:

  • Griffin Financial Technology safeguards its most important asset - culture - by fostering transparency, hiring the right people, and maintaining strong policies.
  • tl;dv uses virtual escape rooms and bonding sessions to overcome the social challenges of remote work while ensuring radical transparency and open communication remain at the heart of company culture.
  • Willow Innovations has embraced the new normal and prioritized communication by ramping up company huddles and facilitating opportunities for cross-functional connection.

Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working

Before the pandemic, ‘hybrid working’ was a little-known phrase. Nowadays, everyone’s talking about it. The following businesses have embraced the new normal and proven that hybrid and asynchronous work models can be successful when executed well:

  • BrainSightAI allows team members to work flexibly, adapting working hours to align with their individual working styles. Using regular one-to-ones and weekly Friday chats, BrainSightAI ensures that the whole team feels connected, even while physically apart.
  • SaleCycle empowers employees to work in a way that suits them, whether in the office or working remotely. Having set up an engagement committee, a communication calendar, and wellbeing chats, SaleCycle ensures the whole team is kept in the loop, no matter where they work.
  • Zeta Project Germany (Wire) ensures that both remote and office-based employees can get involved in team social activities and L&D opportunities. Their virtual social get-togethers now attract around 60 team members each month.

Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits

Without the right support, remote work can be challenging for employees. The following businesses have demonstrated that investing in wellbeing can lead to healthier, happier, and more engaged employees:

  • Armorblox offers an individualized approach to wellness benefits, allowing each employee to access what they need when they need it, whether that be babysitting services, financial advice, or even a monthly vinyl subscription.
  • Maze ensures that benefits are inclusive for its whole global team, prioritizing access to free mental health services for all colleagues.
  • uMed considers its benefits and wellness program an important part of the company’s DNA, which has contributed to a retention rate of over 97%.

Outstanding Reward & Recognition

Recognizing your employees’ hard work goes a long way to fuel productivity, engagement, and retention, especially in a remote environment. The following businesses are going above and beyond to celebrate and reward their remote teams:

  • Distributed has fostered a culture whereby freelancers stay with them far beyond project completion by offering a more structured and financially attractive option for freelance developers.
  • Guusto puts employee recognition at the heart of its company culture. All employees can reward their colleagues’ hard work through their platform and nominate team members for public recognition during all-hands meetings.

Join Our Virtual Awards Events to Celebrate & Learn

From November 4 to December 16, 2021, we’ll be hosting a series of six interactive virtual awards ceremonies to celebrate each awards category. In addition to the shortlisted nominees, we invite all working professionals, business owners, and leaders to join and make this event their own!

During these themed events, our judges will announce the winners of each of the six categories, who will enjoy a suite of exciting prizes, including $10,000 to spend on Omnipresent services. With a jam-packed program of live presentations, success stories, discussion rooms, and on-demand learning opportunities, The Omnis is much more than an awards show - it’s a chance to learn from industry experts and plan for your own future success.

Throughout the events, our guests will hear from industry leaders within the global remote workspace, including DOIST’s Head of Remote Chase Warrington, Hubble’s Co-founder Tushar Agarwal, Virtual Not Distant’s Director Pilar Orti. Each speaker will contribute their own remote working success stories, as well as the challenges they’ve overcome to get there.

We’re thrilled to be hosting this prestigious program of events alongside our generous sponsors and partners, and we hope you’ll join us there.

To learn more about The Omnis awards program or to register for our virtual events, please visit: www.omnipresent.com/theomnis

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