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Nov 4 - Dec 16, 2021
Online Event Series
With this new awards programme, we're recognising organizations and their remote hiring practices in six different categories reflecting the stages of an employee lifecycle:
Win $10k of Omnipresent services to employ anyone internationally & more partner prizes!

Our Vision

Why it's important to celebrate remote work

After over a year of uncertainty driven by the pandemic, we've been forced to rethink how we work. With remote working becoming the norm for the next generation, the focus is now on making that experience great!

While no one has it all figured out, some employers, people and organizations have taken it upon themselves to reimagine what it takes to build the workplace of the future now.

The Omnis are here to take the first step to recognising that heroic efforts don't have to be perfect to be celebrated!

For companies and employers

Get recognised for your efforts

We're not looking for a fully remote poster-child, but a hero company that understands the work needed to make an inclusive workplace for all.

Win an award for being an outstanding remote company to showcase to remote talent globally.

For remote / hybrid employees

Let your voice be heard

Support your company's Omnis awards entry with what you consider is important for remote working and what your company has done to help you adapt to the challenge of remote work.

For everyone else

Rewrite your remote work story

The term "remote work" doesn't have to be a divisive term. Let's see badly executed remote work for what it is; bad execution.

The Omnis are designed so that we can all learn through our winners' stories what great initiatives look like for a spectrum of remote and hybrid teams.

Matt Wilson

"Intense competition for talent, improved collaboration tools, and the pandemic have contributed to new ways companies look for, attract and retain their global talent pool. The Omnis recognize these business' collective efforts and set a new standard for what it means for leaders and leadership in remote employment."

Matthew Wilson, Co-Founder

Award Categories

Anyone, anywhere can be a hero

Whatever the shape of your organization or workforce, The Omnis recognise those teams and individuals that possess the superpowers that make global teams thrive remotely. Whether it's in one or multiple areas, you're part of a bigger remote movement!

That's why we've broken down the awards into 6 categories to celebrate the diversity of the superpowers that we know exist.

Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

Getting recruitment right is a challenge for all employers, and arguably even more when you're looking to hire remotely. This award celebrates those employers who use their superpowers to get creative in how they attract high performing talent from around the world.

Judging criteria:

Outstanding Learning & Development

Embracing new ways of working provides the perfect opportunity to inspire your team to do their best work. This award recognises an employer who has seized this moment to develop an outstanding learning and development strategy for their people.

Judging criteria:

Outstanding Culture & Communication

This award will recognise the company heroes who have provided strong leadership and effective communication whatever the situation. We’re looking for communication strategies that have supported employees to adapt and overcome remote working challenges, and how they have incorporated this into their company culture. This year, we will take note of companies who have responded to the COVID-19 crisis given the unexpected shift that was required for some businesses.

Judging criteria:

The Omnis Awards Trophy for Best Asynchronous and Hybrid Working

Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working

Tushar Agarwal - CEO from Hubble

"It’s crazy to think that 'hybrid working' wasn’t even a phrase eighteen months ago. Flexibility, autonomy, and choice in where we work is now the #1 demand from workers all around the world. We believe that the organizations that respond to this will ultimately win the war for talent, and for good reason: they will have the happiest and most productive teams. This Award aims to celebrate that."

Tushar Agarwal - CEO from Hubble

Remote working took front and centre stage due to the global pandemic. This award celebrates an outstanding distributed remote company that has truly put the individual at the heart of their working policy to ensure work/life balance in a remote world that benefits both parties.

Judging criteria:

Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits

Cultivating a happy and productive workforce means having a laser-like focus on employee health and wellbeing. This award recognises those who’ve made superhuman efforts to address the unique challenges of remote workers and support their human needs beyond the immediate scope of their roles.

Judging criteria:

Outstanding Reward & Recognition

Acknowledging the efforts and achievements of employees is even more vital when working remotely. This award will go to a company that has embraced the power of reward and recognition to transcend the usual employee benefits, inspiring and engaging their workforce across borders.

Judging criteria:


What do I win?

Alongside bragging rights and the opportunity to show the world that you're outstanding in your winning category, we have some exciting prizes:

All winners: $10k to spend on Omnipresent services to employ anyone internationally

All winners: 2 relocations courtesy of Perchpeek

All winners: 1 year of Twist courtesy of Doist

Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working Award winner: Hubble Pass day-passes for all their employees.

Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits Award winner: $10k towards remote health from SafetyWing

... and more exciting prizes to support your future of work from our award partners to be announced!

Prizes are subject to individual partners' terms and restrictions as outlined in the Rules of Entry.

Paul Bennett

“Winning globally” has taken on a whole new meaning in the last couple of years - and it could refer to something vastly different in another 2 years. As countries, companies & employees start to understand the Future Of Work, it will be those who take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one who will make the biggest strides in the talent race and in market share. And right at the centre of that will be their effective utilisation of remote teams.

Paul Bennett, CEO, Perchpeek

Judges & Speakers

The Panel

We are delighted to have the support of senior leaders from across the industry to honour remote teams’ most effective work. on our inaugural judging panel experts including:

  • Wayne Turmel, Co-founder, Remote Leadership Institute
  • Gren Gale, Founder, PM Results
  • Cynthia Trivella, Managing Partner, TalentCulture
  • Daniella Guzman, Global Head of Social Media, Mercer
  • Matthew Liptak, Director, Talent Acquisition, Scipher Medicine
  • Kaleem Clarkson, Chief Operating Officer, Blend Me Inc.
  • Chris Dyer, Founder & CEO, PeopleG2
  • Maya Middlemiss, Founder, Healthy Happy Homeworking

If you have a question about the panel or judging process, or you would like to become a judge please click here to speak to The Omnis team.

Our guest speakers will give you unique insights and actionable tools to develop your workforce into heroic remote teams across our six-week awards events programme. Here are just a few of the names on the agenda:

  • Chase Warrington, Head of Remote, Doist
  • Tushar Agarwal, Co- Founder & CEO, HubbleHQ
  • Matt Buckland, Co-Founder DBR
  • Chris Dyer, Founder & CEO, PeopleG2
  • Peter Jackson, CEO, Bluescape
  • Pilar Orti, Director, Virtual not Distant
Matt Buckland

"HR and talent acquisition the world over stands at the precipice of potentially the greatest change to the world of work in our lifetimes. The undoing of the industrialisation era has seen businesses large and small undergo incredible change in timescales we didn't previously think possible. In the new, decoupled world of work there will be winners and losers, those who can adapt and innovate in the face of adversity will become the new employers of choice."

Matt Buckland, Co-Founder, DBR

The Process

How can I enter?

These awards recognise businesses and its people that make business possible.

Thank you for your interest in The Omnis. The application process has been closed since October 14th.

Have Questions? Check out our FAQs


Awards Timeline

2 Sept
Awards announced
14 Oct
Deadline for entries
28 Oct
Shortlist announced
4 Nov
Event series kick-off!
16 Dec
Programme close
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Omnipresent Team

Sponsors & Partners

Omnipresent are proudly hosting the first remote work awards.

DBR are a community partner supporting our events programme.

Hubble are one of our Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working award partners.

If you're interested in supporting this ambitious project, please contact

Omnipresent are proudly hosting the first remote work awards.

  • Hibob are our Outstanding Reward & Recognition award sponsor.
  • DBR are a community partner supporting our events programme.
  • Hubble and Doist are co-sponsors of our Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working award.
  • Hofy are our Outstanding Culture & Communication award sponsor.
  • Learnerbly & GetHowNow are co-sponsors of our Outstanding Learning & Development award.
  • Safetywing & Ben are co-sponsors of our Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits award.
  • Seedlegals are our Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition award sponsor.

If you're interested in supporting this ambitious project, please contact

everyone is invited!

Learn together.
Win together.

Don’t have a nominee in mind or feel your business isn't ready to enter? It's all good! Each weekly award session will be packed full of insights from the experts and winners in each category so that you can power up your business to take part next year!

Whether you love a good panel discussion, curious as to who the winners are, or want to discuss ideas with other remote champions, there's something for everyone.

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