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Tap into Ambitious Talent Anywhere - US & Europe Session

Being able to tap into existing relationships can help improve your chance of hiring the right people for your team. Entrepreneur First (EF) understands that this is especially true in the early days of a startup. With several EF alumni working at Omnipresent, it’s only natural that we’ve partnered to with them to introduce you to how you can tap into these existing relationship and more!

Our EF alumni Suresh Jones and Lucy Ashenhurst will be providing you with an introduction to how Omnipresent makes it easy to employ, pay and provide support for global teams across 150 countries as an Employer of Record (EOR).

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About our panelists

Suresh Jones
Suresh Jones
Sales Development Representative

Suresh is the Global Team Lead for the Sales Development Representatives, responsible for prospecting and new business development. He has 13 years of international work experience in engineering, project management, business, and sales. He is originally from the US but has lived in the Middle East and now London.

Lucy Ashenhurst
Lucy Ashenhurst
General Counsel

Lucy has 14 years experience advising businesses including FTSE 100 companies and over 500 start-ups. Lucy’s experience spans corporate, commercial and employment law across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific. Prior to joining Omnipresent, Lucy founded and ran legal consultancy in Singapore.

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