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The global office: We’ve all tried remote, so how can startups make it work?

Many startups moved to remote working as a necessity during the pandemic — but now that employees have had a taste of flexibility, they want more. Building a remote and digital nomad-friendly business is no easy feat, but it can give startups a competitive edge in a tight talent market and help set up the infrastructure to launch as a global-first business. So how do you get it right? This Sifted Talks will dive into the building blocks of a truly global office.

We'll be discussing:

  1. Overcoming office FOMO: How should startups onboard their first global hire? What measures can HR implement to avoid an us vs them dynamic between office and remote workers?
  2. Levelling the playing field: What does progression look like for remote workers? How can startups ensure they’re compensating global talent fairly?
  3. The digital nomad dream: What’s it really like to employ a digital nomad? How can founders ensure location flexibility doesn’t stunt productivity?

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