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OmniRetreat 2021: Teambuilding for Remote Companies



2021-09-21 14:00
September 21, 2021
2:00 pm

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Wondering how to team-build effectively when leading a remote team? Considering an in-person retreat but not sure where to start?

The Omnipresent team will be coming from across the world to meet in person in Portugal for our first ever OmniRetreat, and we're sharing the details here first!

Join Omnipresent Co-Founder and Co-CEO Guenther Eisinger and Customer Success Manager Marlene Ruttenberg for a discussion about the upcoming OmniRetreat - where the idea came from, why it's so important, and how they're executing such a complex operational event.

About our panelists

Guenther Eisinger
Guenther Eisinger
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Guenther is the Co-Founder of Omnipresent. He is based in Vienna, Austria, served in the Austrian Special Forces and holds three Master’s Degrees and a PhD.

Marlene Ruttenberg
Marlene Ruttenberg
Customer Success Manager

Marlene is a Customer Success Manager at Omnipresent, supporting our North American clients. She's an experienced customer experience lead with a demonstrated history of working in the tech industry (primarily in SaaS roles). She has over 6 years of hands-on experience leading data-driven B2B and B2C operations including building scalable programs to engage new customer verticals, capture repeat buyers and provide technical and sales support to thousands of users.

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