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2021: The Year We Became Truly Omnipresent

In 2021, our business and team have grown immensely. Now, we’d like to share with you some of our biggest achievements and favorite memories from the past year.

2021: The Year We Became Truly Omnipresent

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to take this time to reflect on what an incredible year it’s been for Omnipresent and our team. From start-up to a rapidly growing, global-first business in just two years, Omnipresent has been on an incredible journey. Here are our top highlights from 2021.

We’ve Witnessed the Global Hiring Market Boom

Whether it’s finding talent for niche roles, expanding business operations abroad, or embracing the “work from anywhere” movement, there’s no doubt that global hiring is on the rise. As a global employment partner, we’ve seen it first-hand!

On average, this year, we’ve seen a 25% month-on-month growth in new clients and a 35% month-on-month growth in the number of employees onboarded onto the OmniPlatform. Many clients come to us needing support for just one international hire, but once they discover how simple it can be, they often end up expanding their global team further.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries, but one thing is consistent; they’re growing fast and they want to hire the best of the best, no matter where they’re based.

“When we launched Omnipresent, remote working was already a trend and we knew that globally distributed teams would certainly be part of the future of work. What we couldn’t have anticipated was just how quickly it would happen, and that it would happen across almost all industries and sectors. We have made it our mission to meet this demand and make it simple for companies to grow and operate globally. Today, we support clients worldwide to become global-first and ‘Employ Anyone, Anywhere.’” - Guenther Eisinger, Co-founder

We Welcomed More than 100 New Team Members

Since January, we’ve been recruiting non-stop to meet the growing demand for international employment and create a better service for our clients. We started the year with a team of fewer than 15 people, and now we have more than 150!

If that number alone isn’t impressive enough, our colleagues are distributed across more than 35 countries and regions worldwide and speak over 30 languages. We’re truly an international business, which aligns perfectly with our mission to make global teams work.

However, with scaling comes challenges, and keeping our teams happy, productive, and connected is just one of them. Thankfully, our People Team has been working hard to introduce new foundations upon which the whole team can thrive.

They’ve defined our values, set up career growth frameworks, started employee resource groups, built up a huge library of internal resources, created and refined policies, and so much more. This has enabled us to effectively tackle the common growing pains rapidly expanding companies often face.

Our people are at the heart of what we do, and we’re very proud of the amazing talent we’ve welcomed so far.

“For companies that are growing and setting themselves up for success, it's important to have very clear processes in place. Our focus has not only been on creating our own internal fundamentals as a young company but also helping guide best talent and people practices globally with our clients and their global teams." - Kate Gray, Head of People and Talent

We Strengthened Our Offering as a Global Employment Partner

Powered by our ever-growing and talented team, our product and service offering has gone from strength to strength in 2021.

Our aim is to help companies of any size hire the best talent the world has to offer. Over the past year, we’ve furthered our global reach and can now help businesses hire in over 155 countries and regions worldwide. We’ve also made impressive progress in setting up our own infrastructure of entities globally to best support our clients and their team members.

International expansion isn’t the only goal we’ve been working on this year; enhancing our technology has been a key focus too.

We know our clients want a slick, streamlined solution for international employment, so our product and engineering teams have been busy making our tech offering the best it can be.

Starting out as a basic employee management system, the OmniPlatform has flourished into a centralized hub for the entire employment process. Throughout the year, we’ve added HRIS integrations, greater self-serve capabilities, enhanced automation, and more.

“This past year has seen tremendous growth to our platform, its usability, and its intuitiveness. Our engineering team has grown tenfold and will continue into next year. We are very much looking forward to this new year to deliver more exciting products and features that directly benefit our clients - and our clients-to-be! - in the world of remote work.” - Michael Smith, VP of Product

We Celebrated Remote Work Heroes

Before the pandemic, remote-friendly businesses were few and far between. The story is very different now. Having built our own fully remote, global team, we know how challenging (and rewarding!) it can be, so we decided to create a space to celebrate those leading the remote revolution. That’s why we launched The Omnis, a virtual awards program that recognizes the companies and people making remote and global work a success.

“As a partner to global-first companies, our focus is on providing the best tools and resources they need to succeed in today's global business environment. Not only were we focused on providing resources online, but we also wanted to showcase how other companies around the world were innovating practices in their industries. This was an opportunity for companies to learn, discuss, and become leaders of remote work. The Omnis served our purpose to act as that partner to companies looking to go global." - Linda Wang, Head of Marketing & Partnerships

After receiving dozens of inspiring entries, we announced the winners in a series of interactive virtual events over November and December. Unlike a traditional awards ceremony, they boasted live presentations, expert panel discussions, networking discussions, and on-demand learning opportunities. None of this would have been possible without the support and engagement of our 14 partners and sponsors, as well as our 28 speakers and judges.

We Finally Met Each Other in Person

Being a fully remote and globally distributed team has many advantages, but it does mean a lot of our time spent together is conducted through a screen. Having reached nearly 130 team members, we knew it was time to finally meet face-to-face at our first OmniRetreat.

At the end of September, our colleagues hailed from around the world to gather on the sunny island of Madeira, Portugal. We spent five days strengthening relationships, making new connections, and strategizing for the future.

Interweaved with brainstorming sessions and team meetings, we enjoyed plenty of moments in the sun, sea, and sand. From rooftop yoga to breathtaking hikes, catamaran parties to our very own OmniOlympics, it was a jam-packed event that helped define and cement the culture we enjoy today.

“With the OmniRetreat 2021, we set out to deliver a landmark company meet-up, a truly culture-defining moment for our growing business. We achieved this and more. The event was an amazing starting point for tearing down silos that don’t even exist yet. We’ve achieved many connections and conversations that otherwise would have never taken place. The retreat is a way for us to build a more robust foundation for future growth. An investment in the future.” - Erik Olsson, Director of Global Operations

We’re Excited to See What 2022 Brings

After an incredible year of growth, we’re jumping into 2022 with enthusiasm, determination, and a wealth of experience under our belts.

In the new year, we aim to make Omnipresent even bigger and better, with a keen focus on helping our clients solve even more of the problems they face as global businesses.

Our own team continues to grow by the day, and we’re currently hiring for a range of roles across the business. If you’d like to join Omnipresent in 2022, you can view all our current openings here.

Thank you for all your support, and we wish you a happy new year!

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