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Sarah Lee Hermosura: “I love that I’ve found a job that aligns with my own values”

Sarah’s story perfectly encapsulates the joy and satisfaction of finally finding a job that checks all the boxes - and even the ones that weren’t on the list!
December 5, 2022 2 mins read
Photo of Sarah standing in the desert. Next to the photo is text reading:

Sarah brings many years of international payroll experience to Omnipresent, where she works as a Payroll Specialist. In other words, she and her team work hard to ensure payday runs smoothly for our clients’ team members all around the world. And she’s relishing the opportunity!

“What’s so wonderful about Omnipresent is that we’re a global business, so I’m learning about and getting exposure to payroll processing in various different countries. It’s fascinating and challenging in equal parts.”

A culture of care and support

However, it wasn’t just the role that attracted Sarah to Omnipresent. It was the culture and the values that Omnipresent embodies too. After the interview process, Sarah instinctively knew that this was the company she wanted to work for, an organization that personified the two traits she admires most: authenticity and humility.

Sarah was delighted to discover that Omnipresent could give her the freedom and security to bring her true self to work. Accepting the job offer also gave her the chance to work for an organization that genuinely cares about its team and clients.

“I love that we have a culture of belonging. We can all be ourselves. But at the same time, no one thinks they’re above anyone else. We all learn from each other, and we always strive to keep growing. It’s a very supportive and appreciative environment,”

“And when it comes to our clients, the Omnipresent team is so committed. Everyone gives 100% effort and focus to ensure our clients receive the best possible experience. It makes me really proud to work here.”

Enjoying the many perks of working at Omnipresent

Finding an employer that shared her values was just one of the surprises Sarah enjoyed when she joined Omnipresent. For the first time, Sarah was able to work fully remotely. And moving to such a position could not have come at a better time, as she wanted to spend more time at home keeping her mom company.

“It was a huge relief when I got a fully remote role, and now I can continue with my career while also being able to be at home with my mother. It’s a really special feeling.”

Being there for her mother when she needs her is just one of the benefits of remote working. A self-professed people person, Sarah regularly takes advantage of her local coffee shop or a quiet restaurant for a change of scenery. “I call it ‘work-from-mall,’ and so far, it is working really well!”

Having flexibility around where she works also enables Sarah to pursue another passion - travel. Now she can move around and see new places more freely.

“Working for Omnipresent means I have so much flexibility to make work work for me. I can live my life just the way I want to, and that makes me feel a huge sense of accomplishment.”

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