Alex Prokofjev

Alex Prokofjev

Alex Prokofjev, an investment banker and software rollup expert, scales companies like Threecolts and founded RollUpEurope.com. He leads RollUpEurope and Cauma Group, serves on Industra Bank's board, and partners with Merito Partners, driving revenue growth and SaaS development. Prokofjev contributes as an investor, adviser, and freelance writer in economics and business.

Alex Prokofjev, CFA, is a seasoned professional in investment banking and software rollups with a track record of scaling companies, such as Threecolts, and founding RollUpEurope.com, a community for tech acquirers. He has a history of executing numerous transactions in M&A, capital raising, and strategic partnerships. Alex currently leads RollUpEurope and Cauma Group, serves on the supervisory board at Industra Bank, and is a limited partner at Merito Partners. His expertise includes revenue and profit growth, SaaS development, and business strategy. Additionally, he has been an investor, adviser, and board member for various technology businesses and funds. Alex is also recognized for his contributions as a freelance writer in economics and business


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