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OmniAcademy: We’ve launched our free course for remote professionals

Employee demand for remote work is still high. So our latest expert-led course helps professionals build a world-class remote career driven by excellence, freedom, and flexibility.

OmniAcademy: We’ve launched our free course for remote professionals

We’re excited to announce the launch of our free online course for remote professionals. In August 2022, we released our first OmniAcademy course on international hiring. We then created our expert-led series on the Employer of Record model. Now, we’re turning our attention to the people who bring our business goals to life: the employees.

Remote work has become increasingly attractive for employees since the pandemic. But securing these opportunities is getting more competitive. We believe the best talent is everywhere, and opportunities should be borderless. So equipping professionals with the tools they need to succeed is essential.

That’s why we’ve created a course called “Building your remote career.” It’s designed to help current and aspiring remote workers build world-class remote careers driven by excellence, freedom, and flexibility.

We’ve divided the course into eight concise video lessons where professionals will learn how to:

  • Find and apply for remote working opportunities.
  • Build their personal brand.
  • Create winning remote-first habits.
  • Become an effective global-first manager.

They’ll receive expert guidance from our instructors, Jo Eyre and Kyle Singh. Jo and Kyle have forged successful remote, global-first careers of their own. They now lead internal communications and social media at Omnipresent.

“I am so excited to share all the tips and tricks I have learned from working remotely for the better part of a decade,” says Jo. “Working remotely doesn’t mean having to slow your career growth. Conversely, if you’re a global-first employee, it unlocks a world of opportunity! This course will help define what you offer as a remote employee and how to stand out from other candidates.”

On being a global manager, Jo says: “The fundamentals of good leadership do not change. But managing remote, distributed teams requires a mindset of trust and great communication. And we’re delighted to cover this in the course too.”

“When it comes to remote work, it’s crucial for professionals to ensure they’re equipped and ready to put their best foot forward," says Kyle. "There are some incredible remote opportunities out there, but securing them requires a certain skill set,”

“Optimizing your online profile and CV for remote positions is one of the key elements. So I’m thrilled to be sharing my experience and tips to help people do just that. Ultimately, this course is everything I wish I’d had when searching for my first remote role!”

Students can take the course at their own pace. Then, they’ll receive a personalized certificate to share with their networks.

So head to the OmniAcademy if you’d like to boost your remote career. Register for free now.

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