OmniCreate - Entity Creation in South Africa

Setting up an entity in a foreign country can be costly and time-consuming. Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone.

Omnipresent can create your entity in South Africa for you. Our tech-enabled, expert-led solution provides transparency throughout the entire incorporation process, so you can focus on expanding your global footprint.

What Is OmniCreate?

Incorporating an entity abroad is a highly complex and often opaque process. It’s not conducive to effective business growth. That’s why we’ve developed our OmniCreate solution. Using innovative technology and a team of experts, we can set up your new business entity in South Africa for you, eliminating hassle and saving you precious resources.

We manage the entire incorporation process through our platform. This includes gathering the necessary documentation and liaising with third parties to track progress, inform you of next steps, and provide visibility on the entire timeline.

How We Can Help Your Business Expand into South Africa

OmniCreate is a holistic entity setup solution that simplifies complex and bureaucratic processes so you can focus on expanding your business internationally.

Entity Incorporation & Structuring Advice

We’ll connect you with a trusted and vetted law firm specializing in company incorporation, ensuring your entity in South Africa is incorporated quickly and compliantly. We’ll take care of all necessary business registrations, and if needed, you’ll also have access to legal professionals for structuring advice based on your specific business needs.

Business Banking

Omnipresent will guide you through the process of opening a local business bank account, which can be difficult to navigate alone. We’ll ensure you understand all the required steps ahead of time, including the gathering of signatures, documentation, and the physical presence of directors as and when needed.

OmniCreate Platform

The OmniCreate Platform is a tech-enabled tool that provides you with transparency and visibility throughout the incorporation process. Within the platform, you can easily track progress, upload and store documentation, and learn key facts and information about entity incorporation in your chosen country. Best of all, it’s quick and easy to use.

Ongoing HR Support & Local Guidance

Throughout your partnership with Omnipresent, you’ll have access to our dedicated support team, who can answer any questions you may have about the process. They’ll also provide you with expert country-specific business incorporation guidance based on our own experience of successfully opening entities globally.


If required, we’ll connect you with a vetted and trusted accountant. They’ll handle necessary business activities such as tax registration, tax returns and filing, the preparation of financial statements, and bookkeeping.

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