Allie Reddington: "Joining the Omnipresent Team Was a Total Game Changer for Me"

Allie's journey takes you from the world of science to the stage and to Swedish retail giants. Now she's part of the Omnipresent People Team. Read her story here.

Allie Reddington: "Joining the Omnipresent Team Was a Total Game Changer for Me"
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They say, “variety is the spice of life,” and Allie’s career is a testament to that. Having a self-described “long career of hustling” means that over the years, Allie has had an exciting assortment of roles, including assembling IKEA furniture in West London townhouses, temping in a vast array of weird and wonderful offices, and running the PR department for Fuller’s, London's biggest brewery. There, she was personally responsible for creating, producing, and delivering 1000 bottles of personalized London Pride, their flagship beer, to the 2013 Nobel Prize winner, Professor Peter Higgs. She presented them to him at the London Science Museum, which included Stephen Hawking among its attendees. It was a remarkable achievement at only 20 - or any age, for that matter - and made Professor Higgs, a beer-loving scientist, very happy.

And Allie’s brush with famous people extends beyond the world of eminent scientists. After she completed her Diploma in Acting, she worked backstage in theater for over five years, during which she was fortunate to work with Mel Brooks, Ian McKellan, Channing Tatum, and many others. But then the COVID-19 pandemic happened.

Finding opportunity in the most unlikely of places

When the world shuddered to a halt in March 2020, Allie's world of theater closed down too. Suddenly she found herself moving to the Isle of Wight to be closer to her family. It was while she was there she answered an ad for a personal assistant (PA) role for a member of the Omnipresent legal team. Once again, Allie changed career paths and began her journey with Omnipresent. The role of PA suits Allie perfectly because of its variety. “There's never a dull day. There's always something interesting to read or research, and I’m continuously meeting interesting people and enjoying new experiences,” she says.

However, Omnipresent’s flexible work model is what really moved the needle for Allie. Now she can work with her beloved dog at her side while enjoying the breathtaking views of the English Solent and trying her hand at sailing during her lunch breaks. Furthermore, Omnipresent emphasizes a culture of well-being and encourages employees to look after themselves, which really strikes a chord with Allie. "I’m very mindful about switching off and not checking my messages outside of working hours," she says in response to a question about the challenges of remote work.

The secret to bringing people together

Allie’s approach to event planning is clear: “I don't think there's anything that can't be solved with a bit of color, music, and flair.” This was certainly put to the test when she pulled off the remarkable feat of organizing her first Omnipresent offsite, bringing 17 lawyers from over nine countries together to meet for the first time. The logistics alone were daunting, never mind the fact that international travel was still really complex and people were so used to only interacting online. To say the stakes were high is not an understatement, but thankfully, everyone had a wonderful time.

Recently, Allie moved from the Legal Team to become a PA within our People Team. One of her first tasks was to help organize fun, collaborative activities for Omnipresent’s 2022 offsite in Panama. Again, not an easy task to plan and execute with such a large gathering of people on an entirely different continent, but she did it with aplomb. Everyone who attended will agree that Allie’s organizational skills and passion for employee engagement are incredible, and we can’t wait to see what she’s got planned for us next!

“Working for Omnipresent has changed my life. I wouldn’t be able to do my job so efficiently if I was still living and commuting in a big city. Getting to work with such amazing people from all over the world is the icing on the cake!”

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