The Globalization of Teams

How new ways of working are leveling the playing field and accelerating growth

The Globalization of Teams Report

Teams are no longer just remote - they're going global. Written in collaboration with Laurence H Knight, our latest report dives into the sociopolitical, economic, and business impact of this shift. Could Global Teams be the great equalizer of our time?

We explore:

  • How the way we work is becoming even more globalized
  • How this will drive global innovation and growth
  • How it will level the playing field for communities around the world

The Globalization of Teams

What we offer

We combine human expertise with automation to meet your needs:


  • Adapting to local employment law and customs
  • Avoiding misclassification, undocumented work and disputes
  • Protecting IP and business interests
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Employee experience

  • Top-quality onboarding and ongoing communications
  • Dedicated points of contact, in local language
  • Access to localized benefits and policies
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Timesaving & efficiency

  • Speedy onboarding
  • Fast response times
  • A complete employee management service


  • Substantial time-saving for you
  • A top-quality employee experience, reducing risk of employee attrition
  • Beware of over-ambitious service claims from fully-automated solutions

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