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Peace of mind

Operate across the globe with confidence

Building a global team is full of complexities and risks - many of them unknown. But with our experts at your side, you’ll have the comfort and control you need.


Pain Points

Hiring abroad brings ambiguity

Let’s face it, setting up and maintaining international entities is not easy

Regulations vary from location to location, and compliance needs in-country and legal expertise. This brings exposure to your HR team.


Onboarding and off-boarding have unique mandatories that vary country to country. 

Swindled by false promises and mismanaged expectations from other EOR’s.

Face regulatory challenges with location specific nuances that can lead to ambiguity and risk.

The Omnipresent Experience

You are not alone at any stage

Rest assured that someone is at your side from start to finish

You will have a confidant by your side, at every step, to help address any issues both ‘known’ and ‘unknown’. Make decisions with confidence and counsel.


Be free of all ‘trip hazards’, and maintain clarity about options and mitigations. 

Expert teams led by Customer Success Managers and Account Managers you can rely on. 

Your new employees are given a formal onboarding process to remove uncertainty and make them feel welcome.


The team, culture and people you work with are everything

We are aware that there are 10-15 EOR platforms in the market that promise a fantastic experience, but they are tool-led companies and have oversubscribed support teams.                                                                      Our approach is human-centric, curated and dedicated.


You call, we answer

Don’t be left waiting for a response when you need it most. If you are connecting with your support team, someone is there to answer. 

Clear and technically robust

Get answers that you can action and continue pushing your strategy forward. Know what to include in offer letters, benefits and much more.

Grow your remote footprint 3x

Current Customers have developed enough trust to grow their remote footprints by 3x annually. 

You need peace of mind when you are charting new expansion paths.

Omnipresent's got your back

Our team of experts will support you with:

  • Compliance
  • Customer support
  • Services and project management for onboarding
  • Customer success coordinators for in-region support
  • Employee benefits
  • Account management

What our clients say


Marie Favre

People Operations Manager


"Working with Omnipresent has been amazing. It's genuinely just like an extension of ourselves."

Screenshot 2022-10-28 042510

Kiril Zvezdarov

Senior Software Engineer


"The whole process with Omnipresent is so transparent, I forget I'm not dealing with QuotaPaths' own in-house HR department"

quotapath case study

Eric Heydenberk

Technical Co-Founder


"The Omnipresent solution just works and requires very little extra effort from us which is really great."


Toni Georgieva

People Operations Manager

Ravelin Technology

"Omnipresent is there for us whenever we need them."


Jerad Leigh



"Being fully remote with the help of Omnipresent is our strategy for access to top global talent."

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We take immense care when it comes to your talent. See other ways we’re designed to help

Endless value. Immediate return.

Excellent Employee Experience

The best employees warrant the best employee experience, which is priority number one.

Achieve compliance

Clients get support from global experts in employment law, benefits and payroll.

Unlock extraordinary value

Superior employee experience also results in better candidates and lower turnover, for less cost.

Our clients rate us over 4.7 out of 5.
Want to see why?

Source: Trustpilot and G2 reviews in November 2022