4 ways an Employer of Record saves your HR team time

Managing a global team takes up a lot of HR resources. Fortunately, partnering with an Employer of Record (EOR) can help speed up processes and save you time.

4 ways an Employer of Record saves your HR team time
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As an HR leader, your to-do list is never-ending. You need to hire the right people and then keep them engaged and productive to help your business grow. But doing that on a global scale is near impossible without a large, dedicated team of compliance specialists.

That’s where partnering with an EOR can help. Discover the four ways EORs can save you and your HR team time—so you can focus on building the best teams on earth.

1. Find the right talent faster

Recruitment can be a lengthy process. Finding the right person for the job is hard—especially if you’re limited to a small talent pool. But working with an EOR allows you to expand your search to the rest of the world. 

That means you have the freedom to hire anyone, anywhere. So your HR team can spend less time looking for the right person and more time helping them succeed.

2. Onboard international hires quicker

Welcoming a new person to the team is exciting, but onboarding can also be pretty time-consuming for HR. This is particularly true if you hire internationally because the processes can be different for every country. You have to create locally compliant employment contracts, collect various country-specific documents, and add them to a local payroll system. 

Fortunately, an EOR can do all that for you. They’re responsible for the compliance side of onboarding. This makes the process quicker and smoother. That way, you can focus on integrating your new hires into the team so they can hit the ground running. 

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3. Cut down on HR admin

It’s no secret that global employment comes with a lot of HR admin. There are onboarding documents, employment contracts, benefits paperwork, and so much more. And on top of that, you’re tasked with building strong culture and team.

Thankfully, working with an EOR partner can significantly reduce that admin. Your EOR is on hand to take care of compliance-related paperwork throughout the employee lifecycle. And the best EORs do so using sleek automation and a user-friendly platform to save your people ops staff even more time.

What’s more, a top-quality EOR is there to support your international hires with all their employment and payroll-related queries. That goes a long way to keeping your employee experience strong.

4. Stay compliant without hours of research

Employment laws are constantly changing. So if you’re building an international team, it can be challenging to stay up to date with the latest regulations in various jurisdictions. And if you want to hire someone in an entirely new market, you have to do tonnes of research on local laws before making an offer.

Once again, EORs are there to help. A quality EOR makes sure you understand what’s required in each of your hiring countries. They tell you about upcoming changes that affect your international team members, and they can help you plan ahead for new hiring markets.

With an expert EOR partner by your side, you don’t have to take a deep dive into international employment law. They do that for you. So your HR team can do what they do best: attracting, developing, and retaining the best people.

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So you’re ready to save heaps of time and partner with an EOR. But where do you start? Omnipresent is a leader in EOR. We’ve built a user-friendly platform and a team of experts to bring you a smooth and speedy service.

Omnipresent uses local expertise and automation to take care of the compliance, payroll, and benefits associated with global employment. In other words, we handle the admin, so you have more time to nurture and develop your team.

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Izzy is a People Ops Specialist at Omnipresent. She is responsible for employee engagement and process development on the People Ops team. Since joining Omnipresent, Izzy has successfully onboarded internal team members in over 30 countries.

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