How to hire self-formed tech teams to boost your business goals

Want to achieve your business goals faster? Learn how self-formed teams can help give your company a boost—from the experts at CodeMonk.

How to hire self-formed tech teams to boost your business goals
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[Guest post written by CodeMonk]

Over the past few years, there has been a big rise in the need for good developers, engineers, and other IT professionals around the world. As a result, companies are struggling to fill tech roles quickly.

But companies can get around this problem thanks to new ways to find and keep good employees. One of these is to bring in self-formed IT teams instead of hiring one person at a time. And that’s what we’ll be discussing in this guide.

Let’s start with the basics.

What are self-formed teams?

Self-formed teams (or “self-organized teams”) are technical specialists with specific skill sets who come together to establish a team and collaborate on projects.  

Companies can then hire these self-assembled teams as a whole instead of hiring each member separately. This means they can meet their project needs right away.

Since these self-formed team members already know they work well together, it's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Project managers have the choice to consider the unique team makeup and hire teams that completely meet their project's criteria.

Why hire self-organized teams?

If you have complex, technical projects to complete, you need a highly competent, flawlessly coordinated talent force to work on them. You need a team that can work well together throughout your projects, from idea generation to testing to final delivery. A team that can also handle all the challenges that come with these complexities. If you don’t, your project could fail.

As a result, assembling a team that is not only highly skilled but also works effectively together is critical. That’s where self-formed teams can help. They’re made up of individuals who are current or former coworkers—people who already collaborate effectively. Self-made teams are made up of technical experts with different skill sets, such as data scientists, JAVA experts, NodeJS developers, and many more. That way, you can hire for multiple roles across your tech stack at the same time.

The best part is that you can hire self-formed teams anywhere in the world with the help of an Employer of Record (EOR) partner, removing geographical restrictions on hiring.

As such, self-formed agile teams can bring a completely new perspective to global hiring.

How can self-formed teams help you reach your business goals faster?

Let's examine a few benefits of self-organized teams:

1. Hire top talent quickly

Today's market is rife with competition, which can slow down the hiring process. With self-formed teams, you can hire for multiple roles at once, speeding up your recruitment and onboarding processes.

2. Benefit from established teamwork

When a group works together seamlessly toward a shared objective, half the battle is won. And that’s exactly what self-formed teams do. They’re made up of skilled people who already get along with each other. This helps build the team spirit necessary for carrying out complex tasks quickly.

3. Reduce the ramp-up period

When you hire individuals, there’s a natural ramp-up period that happens while they settle in. However, self-formed teams are already in sync with each other’s working styles. This means they can get to work on your projects—and finish them—sooner.

4. Save money

Self-formed teams can speed up processes and expedite deliverables. This can save your business money and boost your bottom line.

Hire self-formed teams globally with CodeMonk and Omnipresent

CodeMonk makes it easy for you to find self-formed teams that are raring to go. We match your unique needs with a pre-vetted global tech team of the best experts to handle your most pressing projects.  

And then our EOR partner, Omnipresent, assists with international employment operations and compliance.  

Together, we make it simple to hire the best self-formed global tech teams.

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