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Antonio Prota: “Flexible work has made me feel so much more peaceful — it’s changed my life!”

Antonio craved the freedom and flexibility of remote work. That’s when he found Omnipresent. Read his story to find out more.
January 17, 2023 2 mins read
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Helping HR teams run smoothly

Antonio has dedicated his eight-year career to helping people thrive in the workplace. It all began when he studied Law at Bologna University in his home country of Italy. He soon took an interest in Labor Law, so he decided to specialize in it. 

Since graduation, Antonio has supported businesses and their people across many industries. He’s worked in FinTech, luxury e-commerce, tech innovation, and more. What’s more, Antonio’s experience spans many disciplines, including employee relations, trade unions, and HR management.

“I pride myself in being able to translate the needs of the business into the correct formal tool. I’m also pretty good at keeping calm when things get complicated. That’s helped me to become the confident HR professional I am today.”

It’s safe to say that Antonio loves his industry. But when the pandemic hit, he realized he wanted something more from his career. He needed greater flexibility to live the life he desired.

Finding freedom to work from anywhere

Back in March 2020, many people around the world got to experience remote work for the first time. Antonio was one of them, and he hasn’t looked back since.

“I realized that going back to working in an office wouldn’t make me happy. I didn’t want to settle for a job that wouldn’t allow me to be closer to my family when needed,” he says. “Working from home opened my eyes to new possibilities, so that’s what I set out to achieve!”

Antonio soon started looking for an opportunity that would give him the freedom to work from anywhere. A job where he’d be evaluated based on his skills and achievements rather than time spent working in the office. 

That’s when he found Omnipresent. He was immediately drawn to our flexible work policies and the diverse cultures represented within our global team. Soon after applying, Antonio joined our Operations team as an HR Generalist. He’s now our in-house HR expert for Italy, handling all the complex people matters related to our clients’ international hires. He also provides local expertise to help us create the best possible product and service for our clients and their global teams.
“I love that I can choose where I work and live. That’s ideal for me,” Antonio says. “Now I’m free to visit my parents whenever I want. I’m so much more peaceful, and as a result, I’m more dedicated to my work. On top of that, I get to share and learn new skills and experiences with a diverse group of people every day. This way of working has changed my life.”

Overcoming the challenges of remote work

Working remotely gives Antonio plenty of autonomy. But it can be challenging at times. Currently, he lives in a small house where his dining table doubles at his desk. So there’s little physical separation between his work and personal life. 

Fortunately, we give our team access to co-working spaces around the world for a change of scenery. This is a perk that Antonio has welcomed with open arms. “I alternate between working at home and working in my local co-working space. This allows me to disconnect from work more easily,”

“In the future, I’m planning on moving to a cheaper city where I can afford to rent a bigger house. There, I’ll have a dedicated workspace, so the boundaries will be even clearer.”

And that’s the beauty of remote, global work. Antonio is free to live wherever he wants — whether that’s the bustling streets of Bologna or a quiet town in Tuscany.

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