Daniel Bertolucci: “Improving the lives of people everywhere is what attracted me to Omnipresent”

Daniel was looking for a company that shared his vision of creating a culture of global business. That’s when he found Omnipresent. Read his story.

Daniel Bertolucci: “Improving the lives of people everywhere is what attracted me to Omnipresent”
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Daniel’s long list of roles and accomplishments is really impressive. For the past ten years, he has served as a legal counsel at national and international levels. During this time, he’s given legal advice to more than 1800 refugees and asylum seekers from over 55 nationalities. He also has a degree in Theatre and speaks four languages: Portuguese, English, French, and Spanish. Quite an accomplishment!

It was his interest in helping people that spurred him to work as a researcher focusing on human rights, refugee law, and labor law. He’s a published author and co-wrote “Migration, Labor, and Human Rights.” And if that isn’t impressive enough, he was also one of the lead authors for two multi-language labor rights handbooks.

Outside of that, Daniel has been involved with startups in the crypto and blockchain fields and served as the in-house counsel for his family's business, a traditional lamp-making factory in his home country of Brazil.

Searching for an employer with a shared vision

The diversity of experiences that Daniel enjoyed over his career has heavily influenced him. So when it was time to look for a new opportunity, he knew that whatever company he chose would have to align with his values.

“I was looking for a company that positioned itself as truly transformative. A company that was reimaging the employment paradigm and was facilitating the spread and enablement of a culture of global business.”

As he conducted his research, he came across Omnipresent and immediately knew he’d found what he was looking for. As our Legal Counsel, Daniel now divides his time between employment-related topics, projects such as visa sponsorship, and fostering relationships with external counsels. It’s a role that allows him to implement all the skills and experience he’s developed over the past decade.

“Every day is different. One day, I’ll be nurturing and building relationships with stakeholders, local partners, and service providers. Then the next, I might be supporting our legal entities worldwide, assisting our team members with legal queries, reviewing contracts, or conducting legal research. Best of all, I get insights into employment laws from across the world. I really get to flex my problem-solving skills and generate some creative and workable solutions. It’s awesome!”

Living a more balanced life with Omnipresent

Daniel is an ardent advocate for remote working. He was working from home before the pandemic and is happy to see that others are now getting this opportunity too.

“Having the flexibility to work from anywhere allows people to enjoy their work in a way that being told to go into an office five days a week does not. While I don’t see remote work as a panacea, it significantly helps reduce some of the complexities and stresses that work often brings.”

In fact, joining Omnipresent meant Daniel and his wife could relocate to the beautiful city of Iguazu Falls. Previously, he’d lived in Brazil’s most populous city São Paulo, far from the nature and tranquility he craved.

“Now I have a much more pleasant and peaceful personal life. I get to spend more time with my wife and dogs. And the world’s most beautiful waterfall is on our doorstep! This freedom and flexibility allow me to deliver so much more during work hours. It means I can give back to the company that has offered me the opportunity to be part of this incredible adventure!”

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