Edmund Cuthbert: "What I Love About Omnipresent Is How Much It Encourages Internal Mobility and Personal Growth"

Edmund's story is one of change. His appetite for taking on something new is truly inspiring, from moving across the Atlantic to switching careers. Discover more in his OmniSpotlight.

Edmund Cuthbert: "What I Love About Omnipresent Is How Much It Encourages Internal Mobility and Personal Growth"
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Edmund is originally from the U.K. but has lived in New York City since 2019. He studied Physics and Philosophy at university and, upon graduation, discovered he was pretty good at spotting great talent too! There started his career as a recruiter in the real estate sector, but he soon moved into the tech space.

“I found collaborating with founders at early-stage startups incredibly rewarding. Securing the best talent plays a huge role in helping them to succeed during those crucial early days, so it was really cool to help identify that talent for them.”

The freedom to live anywhere empowers both employees and the organizations they work for

Edmund’s journey to Omnipresent was a unique one. He initially discovered the company when our marketing team reached out to him about creating a partnership between Omnipresent and the recruitment startup he was working for at the time. But Edmund left such a good impression during the meeting that the script was flipped, and he was asked to apply for a job as a partnerships manager at Omnipresent instead!

“I was completely taken by surprise, but I jumped at the opportunity. I loved Omnipresent’s mission and the flexibility the company gave me to live wherever I wanted. I love living in cities, and now that I am not restricted by having to consider my commute, I get to explore and live in whatever neighborhood I want, which is incredibly liberating.”

Drawing on his experience as a talent recruiter, Edmund sees the huge benefits and advantages of operating with a distributed workforce. He understands that stripping away the limitations of a physical location opens up the talent pool in an unprecedented way. Innovators and entrepreneurs can grow their businesses with the absolute best talent globally and use that as a competitive advantage.

On a personal level, his experience at Omnipresent has taught him just how beneficial it is to have team members from across the globe. “Seeing how much I've learned from having colleagues all over the world has left me very evangelical about the benefits of a distributed team. Every day, I get to work with really talented people from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. They’ve taught me so much!”

Taking his career in new directions

One of the other reasons Edmund loves working at Omnipresent is that we advocate for and encourage employees to progress in their careers within the organization. And that doesn’t just mean climbing the ladder; it can mean traversing it too.

Having been in recruitment for several years, Edmund knew he wanted to try out something new. After all, he’s always had an appetite for pushing his limits. From applying to drama school to becoming a contestant on the British TV series “MasterChef,” expanding his skillset and life experiences is what makes Edmund tick.

He’s always had an eye for product, so that’s where he strived to be. So Edmund decided to have an open conversation about his career aspirations with his manager. And because of our commitment to growth, we supported him in achieving that goal. After years of learning code and interning as a product manager over weekends and holidays, Edmund is extremely proud to have joined the Omnipresent Product team in July 2022.

“What attracted me to product management is the opportunity to build things. It feels like it offers the perfect blend of empathy and analysis. I love that I can jump from learning about a customer's problems in a meeting to trawling through data and brainstorming with my team all in one day. Plus, collaborating with design and engineering experts is incredibly stimulating.”

“Ultimately, Omnipresent gave me something I could only dream of before - completely switching up my career while staying in the same great organization. I’m really excited to learn and develop in my new role, and I just know that the team will support me every step of the way.”

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