Eunise Ling: "Omnipresent Gives Me the Opportunity to Step Out of My Comfort Zone

Eunise was on the lookout for something new and exciting. That's when she came across Omnipresent, and she immediately knew this was the place for her.

Eunise Ling: "Omnipresent Gives Me the Opportunity to Step Out of My Comfort Zone
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Unlocking the potential of global talent

Having experienced what it’s like to live and work in a new country, Eunise was keen to pursue a career path that aligned with her global perspective. “I was looking at better work opportunities outside of Malaysia, my home country, and I wanted to do something with a global reach,” says Eunise. That’s when she found Omnipresent.

“I’m a firm believer in removing geographical barriers for businesses and employees alike. When companies can hire anywhere in the world, they get access to the best talent - and, in return, workers get better opportunities. That’s been the case for me personally. So when I found Omnipresent, the mission really resonated with me.”

Eunise is now one of our paralegals, helping assist the team with legal matters relating to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Her role is crucial to carrying out our mission.

Remote working increases productivity and brings balance

Eunise finds that being able to work from home makes her more efficient. Part of the reason for this is that she no longer has to waste time commuting; instead, she can spend that time either resting or completing an additional task. In addition, having the flexibility to work whenever and wherever simply amplifies her ability to produce more. “It’s so fulfilling knowing I am having a more productive day because I get to work in a way that works for me.”

However, the biggest plus is that she can better manage her mental well-being. Having the freedom to choose working times and locations allows her to spend more time with her family and her mini chocolate poodle, Vicx. “I can manage my workload before meeting up with friends for dinner or heading to the gym for a quick workout, for example.”

While remote working brings its challenges, Eunise’s methodical approach to work helps her overcome them: “My superpower is planning and organization. I know how to prioritize urgent and important tasks, delegate workload to the team if I’m away, and manage last-minute requests without neglecting other matters. That’s really helped me to adapt to a fully remote, asynchronous workplace.”

A different path, but an exciting one

Eunise has always liked the challenge of doing something different - it's why she stepped out of her comfort zone by moving away from the usual route of becoming a lawyer in Malaysia. Instead, she chose to relocate to the U.K., where she completed her law degree at the University of Liverpool and worked in various startups before moving back home. She loved the fast-paced environment she found at these companies, including the time she worked as a legal assistant for the world’s largest Chinese metaphysics company.

A life-long learner, Eunise is particularly interested in better understanding the intricacies and nuances surrounding employment legislation in different jurisdictions. Thankfully she gets to do just that at Omnipresent. Every day looks a bit different in this fast-paced role; one hour, she assists teams with ad-hoc queries about employment laws, and the next, she reviews contracts and other legal documents.

While this is undoubtedly challenging, she also knows that she can rely on her teammates to help. “Law is tricky enough as it is, but add the extra layer of learning about laws and regulations across multiple jurisdictions, and it’s incredibly hard. Luckily, we have an amazing team here at Omnipresent, and I can count on them to expand my knowledge and understanding. So whenever I encounter a challenging task, I know who to turn to for help.”

“I knew that the route I took was going to be challenging, but now I am so glad to be a part of Omnipresent - a company with colleagues all around the world. Working here allows me to discover new approaches and learn from brilliant minds. And now I’m excited for the next part of my Omnipresent adventure as I move somewhere new once more; Singapore, here I come!”

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