Fortune Ochi: "Omnipresent's Mission Opens Up a World of Opportunity for Everyone"

From commuting for four hours a day to working from home and spending more quality time with his family, Fortune is a shining example of how remote work can positively impact people's lives.

Fortune Ochi: "Omnipresent's Mission Opens Up a World of Opportunity for Everyone"
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A passion for problem-solving

It was Fortune’s older brother who introduced him to the world of coding, and that would set him on a path for life as he was drawn to its ability to solve complex problems. After he graduated as a software engineer in Nigeria, he began his career working for a prominent bank and stayed there for five years.

That’s when he stumbled upon Omnipresent’s website. Instinctively he was drawn to our mission and ethos. After all, Omnipresent is solving one of the most complex problems companies face when hiring across borders: global employment and compliance.

Combined with Omnipresent’s flexible work culture and fully remote policy, Fortune knew right away that he wanted to be a part of this mission and that his coding skills had an important role to play.

After his successful application, Fortune joined Omnipresent as a Senior Software Engineer and dove right in. He immediately put his coding skills and innate ability to look for new solutions to work. Now he is truly making a difference and adding, as he says, “real value to our clients' lives.”

Remote work disrupts traditional hiring practices

One of the most remarkable benefits of remote work is that people are no longer limited by their location. This opens up a world of opportunities for job seekers and employers alike. And this rings especially true for Fortune.

“Traditionally, it’s almost impossible for someone like me to get hired by any company outside of my country. But look at me now; I’m working in a global team for an incredible, high-growth business - all because Omnipresent really lives its mission of enabling companies to hire anyone anywhere in the world!”

Remote work means more quality time with family

Fortune is based in Lagos, Nigeria, a city known for its bad traffic. Before moving to Omnipresent, he would typically spend three hours commuting to work and another two to three hours commuting back home every day.

“It was exhausting and taking a heavy toll on my personal life. I was always stressed and unhappy. I would get to work tired and completely lacking in motivation. So I began to dread Sunday evenings because it meant another week of commuting was about to begin.”

Thanks to remote work, Fortune can now forgo the daily commute and spend all that extra time with his wife. “Now we can make plans for our future - plans that would have been impossible when I was on the road so much.”

He’s also able to lead a much healthier life: “I have time to exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, and eat well. And what’s even better is that I look forward to waking up and going to work each day. It's incredible how remote work has totally transformed my life!”

Taking care of family

Another hugely significant benefit to working at Omnipresent is that Fortune is able to share some of the financial rewards he enjoys with his family. Before, he could only afford to send a small amount back home to his parents, but he received a substantial salary increase when joining Omnipresent. As a result, he’s now able to send his parents extra money each month, something he’s hugely proud of.

“When my Dad received the first payment notification after I joined Omnipresent, he thought there’d been a mistake. I chuckled as I told him it wasn't - I was now in a position to support them even more. That really was one of my proudest moments. It’s a way to thank them for everything they did for me when I was growing up.”

“Being a part of the Omnipresent team has really solidified my belief that remote, global work is the future.”

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