Gabriela Palacios R.: “Working at Omnipresent has allowed me to pursue a new life - and love!”

Gaby is a Colombian native who fell for a New Zealander. With family at opposite ends of the earth, having a flexible, remote job was a must. Read Gaby’s story here.

Gabriela Palacios R.: “Working at Omnipresent has allowed me to pursue a new life - and love!”
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Change is the only certainty

Gaby’s story is one that perfectly showcases how Omnipresent’s mission can reshape lives and make the impossible possible. Before Omnipresent, Gaby had worked in international business for most of her career, leading and executing projects with both internal and external clients. In her previous role, she worked for the Colombian government helping local companies to adopt and implement a more international perspective and strategy. It was a really fulfilling job, but it meant she had to work in an office four days a week.

During this time, Gaby also connected with someone who stole her heart; a man from New Zealand. But he had plans to leave Colombia to travel and then return to his home country. Before she even had time to make any big decisions about what to do next, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and she and her partner found themselves under lockdown in Colombia.

"As the weeks turned into months, our love for each other grew so much that we knew leaving or staying in Colombia without each other was no longer an option. That’s when I started to look for job opportunities that could offer me more flexibility.”

Remote work provided a timely solution

Having had a taste of remote work during the pandemic, Gaby no longer wanted to be tied to a central office. Instead, she wanted a job that could give her the freedom to travel with her partner, visit his home country, and see her family in Colombia, too.

“I was looking for a job that actively promoted remote working, aligned to my values, and allowed me to be part of a team managed by inspirational leaders.”

After an extensive search, she found Omnipresent in June 2022 and instantly knew she’d found what she was looking for. Bringing people together remotely is a skill that Gaby learned during the pandemic, and it serves her well in her role as a Customer Success Coordinator. Each day, Gaby helps our clients’ new hires during onboarding, making sure the process is seamless and aligns with their needs.

And fortunately, Gaby is just as content now as she was when she first joined. “After working here for several months, Omnipresent has confirmed my initial impressions. Flexibility is truly valued, and everyone works hard to promote a culture of collaboration and strong values. I feel very grateful to have found a very supportive remote community here.”

Remote working is the great equalizer

One of Gaby’s favorite aspects of working with Omnipresent is that she now works with individuals from all over the world - people from different cultures and backgrounds. This provides plenty of learning experiences that did not exist in her previous jobs.

“On a given day, I interact with people and companies from all continents. As part of my job, I help multiple companies hire candidates in over 115 countries in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.”

It’s an opportunity that has enabled Gaby to adopt a whole new approach to her career and the opportunities that a global workforce presents. Employees are no longer limited by their physical location, and organizations can hire the best talent from anywhere in the world.

“Seeing companies realize this and decide to open their HR borders to talented people in different countries is incredibly positive and uplifting. I feel very fortunate to have a front-row seat in the process.”

On a more personal note, it has meant that she and her partner can continue their story. “We spent some time traveling across Africa, just like my partner had planned before the pandemic. Now, I’m headed back to Colombia to enjoy some family time. Then, next year, I’ll make the most of this incredible opportunity and explore even more magical places!”

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