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Miguel Kepski: "I’m passionate about building a borderless world for all to enjoy"

Miguel's story fuses fundamental characteristics of the human condition - political freedom, family, and a strong sense of responsibility. Learn about his life and experiences at Omnipresent here.

September 12, 2022 2 mins read

Looking for a fresh start

Miguel was born and raised in Venezuela and is of Polish descent. He was forced to leave his home for political reasons - a move that wasn't easy. "It is different when you relocate because you want to versus when you have to," he says.

However, with his innate drive and commitment to hard work, Miguel has rebuilt his life, starting at zero. He first studied diplomacy before switching to hospitality and tourism. Miguel then worked in multiple 5-star hotels across Switzerland and Spain before moving to the start-up environment. Since then, he has been an account manager, sales manager, and customer success manager for various companies.

Never one to shy away from change, he was actively looking for an opportunity to move into a fully remote position within a disruptive company. A LinkedIn search led him to Omnipresent, and soon after he joined as one of our Customer Success Coordinators. Miguel’s since been promoted to Services Team Lead EMEA, where he’s responsible for managing a team of Customer Success Coordinators in the EMEA region.

Disrupting the industry

Having lived in various countries across the globe, it's no surprise that Miguel loves the diversity of Omnipresent. He's naturally drawn to working with people from different cultures and parts of the world, and he's thrilled he gets to enable other people to do the same.

"The world is changing dramatically, and HR operations models must also change. I love that Omnipresent wants to disrupt this industry and help enable people to work from anywhere in the world."

"On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoy the freedoms remote working affords, but it can sometimes be challenging. My recommendations for those new to it are to take regular breaks, have all the correct equipment to ensure you're comfortable, and connect with your team and colleagues daily."

Making time for family

One of the most significant advantages of remote work is that Miguel can now spend more time with his family. He lives in Spain, but his relatives are back in Venezuela. As part of the Omnipresent team, he isn't confined to a specific office location. That means he can travel to his home country and spend time with family more often.

Working from home also offers Miguel another significant advantage: the ability to look after his beloved elderly dog, who needs special medical care. “It’s really important to me to be able to offer my dog the attention and support he requires. I just couldn’t do that sat in an office day in and day out.”

"Omnipresent's way of working means I can balance my job with my personal life. As a bonus, I get to help change people's lives worldwide, which is immensely rewarding."

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