Sophie Evans: “My competitive streak led me from swimming to sales–and it’s been incredibly rewarding”

Sophie’s story demonstrates real determination and discipline, whether it’s winning races and representing her country or pursuing flexibility and job satisfaction in her chosen career. Learn more in her OmniSpotlight.

Sophie Evans: “My competitive streak led me from swimming to sales–and it’s been incredibly rewarding”
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Making the right choices to shape her future career

The journey from competitive swimmer to sales may seem like an unlikely one, but for Sophie, a European Championship silver medalist, it made perfect sense. As a child, Sophie was a natural in the water. She also possessed a burning desire to win. “I was extraordinarily competitive, which led to me eventually representing Wales and Great Britain on the world stage.”

While she was at university studying Biomedical Sciences and then Medicine, Sophie made the decision to retire from international sports and focus on her studies. “Training 24 hours a week was tough, and I needed to make a decision for my future career.”

But exceptional determination and discipline are qualities that have stayed with Sophie even after she stopped swimming competitively. They’re traits that she now successfully applies to her career.

From international swimming to international sales

After graduation, Sophie wanted a career that gave her a challenge–and plenty of flexibility! She knew that pursuing a career in medicine would be exciting but would lack the flexibility and balance she craved. So she started looking into roles in the tech sector.

“I wanted endless opportunities. Something that would keep me on my toes but also let me work remotely. I saw lots of attributes in myself that would help me in sales, so I decided to apply for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) role at Omnipresent.”

The hiring team recognized these qualities, too, so she joined our team in June 2022.

At Omnipresent, Sophie is responsible for supporting potential clients at the beginning of their journey with Omnipresent. Some of these companies are exploring remote working for the first time, which Sophie finds really exciting.

“I love that I get to speak to people all over the world every day. Working in a global team is so rewarding, and it’s great to be able to share this with others. I really enjoy learning about their businesses and helping them understand how we can help them hire incredible talent from across the globe.”

Enjoying the flexibility of remote, global work

Sophie is from a small Valleys town in South Wales–a rural area abounding in beauty. One of the best aspects of working for Omnipresent is that she can stay close to home while working for an exciting, global company.

“I love that I get to live near my family, a stone’s throw away from the sea. But still, l have amazing career opportunities. It’s the best of both worlds. And I love being able to help other companies and employees have these opportunities too,”

“Without the flexibility of remote work, I would have had to move to a big city, away from my family. Now I get to live a life I love, in a place I love, close to family and friends, while working for an amazing company. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

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