Stormie Skutnik: "With Omnipresent's Remote Working Policy, I Get to Have My Cake and Eat It Too"

Stormie's dream was to find that perfect balance between pursuing a career and having time for family. Omnipresent has helped her make that dream a reality. Read her story here.

Stormie Skutnik: "With Omnipresent's Remote Working Policy, I Get to Have My Cake and Eat It Too"
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First and foremost, a mother

Stormie has always wanted to be a mom. For as long as she can remember, she’s dreamt of building a family, and today, she has the life she’s been striving for. “I’m married to a wonderful man, and we are lucky to be parents! I am blessed to be a Mom to two beautiful girls - a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old."

For Stormie, being a mom is her top priority, so she wanted to find a job that allowed her to be there for her daughters and set a good example for them by making a difference in the world. Working for Omnipresent empowers her to do just that. Remote working means that she can be fully involved in raising her daughters while pursuing a career that she loves and one where she thrives.

“I do not have to split my time between work and my family. If the children are having a hard day, Mom is there. If the children are sick, Mom is there. I can see their milestones and make them lunch every day, but I also get to work and be passionate about my job at the same time. I never have to sacrifice one for the other.”

Discovering the perfect fit at Omnipresent

Before joining Omnipresent, Stormie knew something was out of kilter. She had her family and was working as a mentor and in education, which she loved, but something didn’t feel quite right. Then a previous manager began working at Omnipresent and had only positive things to say about her new role and the company. She encouraged Stormie to apply and provided a reference, recognizing that this would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

With her natural passion for helping people, Stormie was the ideal candidate for Customer Success Coordinator. According to Stormie, she has always known she wanted to help people but was unsure what capacity was the best avenue.

“Although ‘Customer Success Coordinator’ is my job title, what I ‘do’ encompasses much more. I guide people through one of the most significant transition times in their lives - starting a new job. I make the process as easy and seamless as possible while empowering individuals to be successful in their new roles with a new company. I also support and work towards developing a strong, cohesive team in the Americas.”

Stormie’s role makes her feel fulfilled and gives her a sense of accomplishment and purpose. From her first interview with Omnipresent, our company goals and values resonated with her. “I was craving a team-oriented company that strives to be inclusive, family-first friendly, and had a business model that helped people obtain their goals and dreams. I found all of that at Omnipresent."

One of the biggest challenges working remotely presents workers is finding the right work-life balance. But thankfully, Omnipresent’s flexible culture and Stormie’s supportive manager help her stay on track. “When the home is your office, it can be too easy to fall into the trap of working around the clock. My manager at Omnipresent recognizes the value of maintaining a healthy balance and helps me to change my approach and prioritize my schedule”

The Omnipresent remote working model is life-changing

For several years, Stormie and her husband had made sacrifices to be at home with their children. She worked the first shift, and her husband worked the second so that one of them was always home with the girls. As Stormie says, "While it worked, it was extremely challenging. My husband and I rarely saw one another - we were like two ships passing in the night."  

But that has all changed since joining the Omnipresent team. Now her husband has been able to reach for his dream job too.

"Omnipresent has given my family more opportunities than I can put into words. If it weren't for Omnipresent, our dreams would still be just that – dreams – instead of our reality."

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